Purple Heart by PULCHRA

Introducing Purple Heart by PULCHRA, a new figure of Neptune (Purple Heart) based on the illustration by Tsunako! The best places to pre-order awaits~


つなこ氏描きおろしで話題だったあの特典グッズのイラストを忠実に再現したフィギュアとなります。 長く美しい髪は細部まで造形がされ隠れている部分も妥協しておりません。 作中にも登場した胸元や背中が大胆に開いた魅惑的なドレス姿でシーツの上に仰向けになりこちらを見つめています。 ドレスのスリットからはだけた下半身が濃色のドレスに映え、とても扇情的な雰囲気が感じられます。 また、肌やドレスの柔らかさを流れるような無数の皺と塗装の明暗にて表現、 細部にまで拘った見どころたっぷりの一品を、是非手に入れて頂きご堪能下さい!

Faithfully reproducing the illustration by Tsunako, comes a figure of Neptune in her HDD-form, Purple Heart.

Her long and beautiful hair, even though hidden, has not been neglected and has been fully sculpted. The front and back of the dress having been boldly opened, reveals her body and a seductive look in her eyes. A sensational atmosphere emits from the slit of the dress as it exposes part of her lower body.

In addition, as the dress’ many creases reflects the light, the softness of the fabric and the skin it covers is drawn out. Please enjoy and make use of the many ways to display, showing off the attention to detail!

Release: Mar. 2019 / 発売 2019年3月
Scale: 1/8th Scale 200mm (260mm Including Base)
List Price: 14,904JPY / 134USD / 116EUR / 105GBP or in your currency

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