Type 95 Swimsuit Ver (Summer Cicada) by FREEing

From Girls’ Frontline comes S-style Type 95 Swimsuit Ver (Summer Cicada) by FREEing, a list of the top establishments to pre-order this most-coveted assault rifle await!

“Type 95 will be under your service from today on, please look after me.”

From the smartphone strategy game featuring guns transformed into girls “Girls’ Frontline” comes an S-style figure of Type 95! She has been faithfully recreated based on her event-limited swimsuit costume “Summer Cicada” originally illustrated by shiyo. The towel she holds in front of her chest is made with translucent parts for an accurate recreation and can also be removed to display her without it. The outline of her bust area can be seen through the towel just like in the original illustration. Her Type 95 assault rifle has been recreated to scale as well. Be sure to add her to your collection!

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Character name Type 95

Series Girls’ Frontline

Japanese name 95式 水着Ver.(夏の蝉の声)

Maker FREEingExternal Link

Release Jul. 2019 / 発売 2019年7月

Scale 1/12 Scale (150mm)

List Price 4,148JPY / 37USD / 32EUR / 29GBP / 335SEK or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)


Even when she’s not directly facing you, the glow of Type 95’s honey-colored eyes are incomprehensibly striking from any viewing angle. Considering her to be 1/12th scale, it’s surprising to see the strands of her hair to be shaped and detailed with individual care as well as the slight gradation towards the tips. As mentioned in Good Smile’s description, her towel may be removed as per your discretion. In doing so, you’ll better notice the hair draping over her shoulders.

Her mature body is on display in her revealing yet not indecent swimsuit. Depending on the viewing angle, the light reflects well off her pelvic bone, emphasizing the definition abdomen. The way her skin is visible through her leggings conveys the lightness of the almost sheer fabric. And supple are her slender thighs as they conform to the tightness of the leggings and slightly flow over them. The attention to detail in the realistic creases of the fabric around her upper thighs, back of her knees as well ankles should also be noted.

We’d be remiss to not mention the multitude of bows, which we’ve tallied at eleven (thirteen, if you count the side-ties of her bikini bottom), furthering her a girlish ambiance. In closing, small as she may be, it’s clear FREEing considered a lot of the individual and somewhat subtle details which made Type 95’s swimsuit artwork one of the best in the game during the summer season.

Ah, the comments we’ve made here of Type 95 Swimsuit Ver (Summer Cicada) by FREEing are our own and we have not been compensated to make them.

Distributors for Type 95 Swimsuit Ver (Summer Cicada)

「95式 水着Ver.(夏の蝉の声)」の日本売り手

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Available at Neowing

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Available at Yahoo! Japan Shopping


Speaking of Type 95’s swimsuit artwork, here it is in all its glory. We’ve included the damaged artwork just so that you may marvel at Kishiyo’s artwork.

It should also be noted, this artwork is for illustration purposes only, you do not get this artwork as an order bonus for "Type 95 Swimsuit Ver (Summer Cicada)" from any shops per our knowledge. If you haven’t yet played Girls’ Frontline (or due to circumstances—Dolls’ Frontline in Japan), we strongly urge you give it a shot. It has monetization tactics, yet it’s never in your face nor is your game heavily restricted due to it.

Overall, how does Type 95 Swimsuit Ver (Summer Cicada) strike you and will you be pre-ordering? If you’re inclined, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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