Premium Masterline GANTZ:O Reika Black Version

Introducing the high-quality Premium Masterline GANTZ:O Reika Black Version by Prime 1 Studio, more images and the best places to order Reika are in the next room.

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the first character of the series PMGTZ-01: Reika Black Edition from GANTZ:O. This CGI anime film is based on the manga series Gantz, written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku, released in Japan by Toho on October 2016. Reika Shimohira is a popular Japanese idol, famous for her acting, modeling, and singing, as well as an extremely skilled Gantz player and a main character in the series. Like almost everyone else in the current Gantz Tokyo team, she was one of the victims caught in the line of fire during Izumi’s killing spree in Shinjuku. Reika standing on a LED Light-up on a designed Gantz Suit theme base measures approximately 21 inches tall. Don’t miss out to add this Black Edition in your collection. Stay tuned for more information on Reika White Edition!

Prototype samples shown.
Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.
Lighting on the suits added for illustration purposes only.

‐Prime 1 Studio

発行部数2100万部を記録する 奥浩哉氏原作「GANTZ」 そのなかでも人気を誇る“大阪編”を一本にまとめ、日本のフルCGアニメーションの水準を引き上げたともされる傑作『GANTZ:O』よりヒロイン レイカが1/4スケールプレミアムマスターラインシリーズで登場。しかも劇中登場のガンツスーツではなく、美麗かつ大胆なヒロイン2人が描かれたブックレット用描きおろしイラストを立体化。更に本3Dデータは『GANTZ:O』CGを担当するデジタル・フロンティア様とのコラボメイクというのも注目。



‐Prime 1 Studioさんより

Character name Shimohira Reika (下平 玲花)

Series GANTZ (ガンツ)

Japanese name プレミアムマスターライン GANTZ:O レイカ

Maker Prime 1 StudioExternal Link

Release Jun-Aug 2020 / 発売 2020年6~8月

Scale 1/4 Scale (534mm)

List Price 66,900JPY / 607USD / 543EUR / 464GBP / 5,827SEK or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

She has so many good points, from the way her expression slightly differs depending on the viewing angle to her beautifully realistic brown irides. Also, the close-up images allow you to get a better view at her smooth texture of her natural-looking skin.

It wouldn’t be right to conclude without noting her defined abdomen and slender waistline as well as the pleasing manner in which the texture of her skin and suit contrast.

While it might put off some people, it needs to be mentioned that the material used for Reika is a polystone. For those who might not know, polystone brittle but it is also allows exquisite details as seen here to be captured.

Distributors for Premium Masterline GANTZ:O Reika Black Version

「プレミアムマスターライン GANTZ:O レイカ」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

Japan-only / 日本


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