Scáthach Sashi Ugatsu Bunny Ver. by FREEing

With great pleasure, we finally introduce the Scáthach Sashi Ugatsu Bunny Ver. by FREEing! The best places in the world to pre-order the second bunny version of one of Fate/Grand Order’s most beautiful await!

A bunny style figure of Scáthach with staggering presence!

From the popular smartphone game Fate/Grand Order comes a 1/4th scale figure of Scáthach in a bunny style as drawn by Hiroka Koyama. The figure features Scáthach holding a wine bottle and glasses with a gentle smile on her face.

The impressively detailed sculpt made possible by the large scale, real net tights and fluffy bunny tail make for an extraordinary figure not only fun to look at, but also to touch. Be sure to add this bunny style version of Scáthach overflowing with mature charm to your collection!

‐Good Smile Company


大人気スマホゲーム『Fate/Grand Order』より、こやまひろかず氏が描くバニースタイルの「スカサハ」がついに立体化!ワインボトルとグラスを持ち、バニー姿で優しく微笑む「スカサハ」を、1/4スケールという圧倒的な存在感で再現しました。大スケールならではの迫力ある造形表現はもちろん、リアルな質感を追及した布製網タイツ、さらにバニーの尻尾はモフモフ素材にすることで、視覚だけでなく感触も楽しめる仕様となっております。大人の魅力に溢れたバニースタイルの「スカサハ」を、是非ともお迎えくださいませ。


Character name Scáthach (スカサハ)

Series Fate/Grand Order

Japanese name スカサハ 刺し穿つバニーVer.

Original illustrator Koyama Hirokazu (こやまひろかず)

Maker FREEingExternal Link

Release Apr. 2020 / 発売 2020年4月

Scale 1/4 Scale (440mm)

List Price 25,000JPY / 231USD / 206EUR / 182GBP / 2,181SEK or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

As with ALTER’s offering, she’s based on the same outstanding by Koyama Hirokazu. As before, this image is used for illustration purposes only and unless mentioned by your selected retailer, you will not receive it as a bonus.

Scáthach Bunny from Fate/Grand Order Original Illustration by Koyama Hirokazu

Distributors for Scáthach Sashi Ugatsu Bunny Ver. by FREEing

「スカサハ 刺し穿つバニーVer.」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

Japan-only / 日本


Good Smile Company – Official product page

グッドスマイルカンパニーさん – 公式の製品ページ


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