MGWeekend Finds June 8th, 2019

Our picks for the weekend include items from Dungeon Travelers 2, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Love Live! Sunshine!!, DuRaRaRa!! x2, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, so continue for our selection of the best hobby goods to purchase this weekend!

If you didn't know, the headers are randomly generated and unique with each edition. As I look at the wavy sections of the header, I feel slight unease. Thinking about it, each of the characters do experience unease and strife in one way or another. All things considered, I've just decided that this week's is officially unofficially themed as 'Unease'.

Don't you feel unease that I just assigned a theme on a whim? No!? Anyway enough of me, check out our selection, hopefully you find something you like.

How did you like our selection? We always try to find goods for everyone to enjoy, so we’d appreciate your input to help us improve. Let us know in the comments!

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