Tohsaka Rin Battle Version from Fate/EXTRA Last Encore

Introducing the ANIPLEX+ exclusive Tohsaka Rin Battle Version by Aniplex! High quality images along with ANIPLEX+ are waiting ahead of her April release, don’t let her be a future grail; a holy grail.

From the TV series Fate/EXTRA Last Encore comes Rin Tohsaka in her fiery red battle suit!

Having both the famous sculpting artist Nobuta and colorist Emi Hoshina collaborating on the creation of it means this figure is bound to be absolutely stunning! Made using high quality material, the figure’s incredible details bring Rin truly into life! From her silky black hair floating in the air to the metallic finish on her lance, it is obvious how much effort went into creating this masterpiece. Don’t wait, pre-order this mysterious servant-like form of Rin today!

About the Sculpting Artist

Representing the best of the best in the figure sculpting field, Nobuta, aka REVOLVE, is a Japanese figure sculpting artist who is known for his strong, dynamic art representation in his works. Mastering the understanding of the human anatomy, Nobuta often adds his own unique twist on the piece, focusing on the details, creating art that is both characteristic and aesthetically pleasing. Despite being such a successful artist in the field, he is known to be a humble and friendly man, and widely loved by everyone in the community.

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‐Aniplex (アニプレックス)


TVアニメ「Fate/EXTRA Last Encore」より、”遠坂リン”が戦闘時の姿で登場です。




Character name Tohsaka Rin (遠坂 凛)

Series Fate/EXTRA

Japanese name 遠坂リン(戦闘時)

Maker Aniplex (アニプレックス)External Link

Sculptor Nobuta (のぶた)

Colorist Hoshina Eimi (星名 詠美)

Release Apr. 2020 / 発売 2020年4月

Pre-order closing date November 24th, 2019 24:00 / 2019年11月日24日 24:00

Scale 1/7 Scale (220mm)

List Price 17,380JPY / 159USD / 144EUR / 132GBP / 1,544SEK or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

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International / 世界的

Japan-only / 日本

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