DreamTech Kaga Tokonatsu no Seishou Seki from Azur Lane

Introducing WAVE’s beautiful DreamTech Kaga Tokonatsu no Seishou Seki from Azur Lane! High-quality images are here for you to carefully examine her sculpt and the best hobby shops have been prepared for you to place your order!


大人気スマートフォンゲーム『アズールレーン』より、 君主制国家「重桜」に所属する一航戦“加賀”が「常夏の殺生石」の水着姿で登場です。



Character name Kaga Azur Lane (加賀)

Series Azur Lane (アズールレーン)

Japanese name 加賀【常夏の殺生石】

Also known as DreamTech Kaga Everlasting Killing Stone / DreamTech Kaga Everlasting Summer Killing Stone

Maker WAVE (ウェーブ)External Link

Sculptor Ogawa Youzou (小川 陽三)

Release Nov. 2019 / 発売 2019年11月

Scale 1/8 Scale (240mm)

List Price 13,800JPY / 127USD / 115EUR / 103GBP / 1,227SEK or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

As with DreamTech Akagi Rakuen no Higanbana, we chose the romaji version of her name as opposed to translating it. If you’re interested, the subtitle of her name roughly means “Everlasting Summer Killing Stone”.

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