Blonde Girl I Met by the Sea by Daiki Kougyou

Blonde Girl I Met by the Sea by Daiki Kougyou based on an illustration by Kekemotsu is now available for pre-order — high-quality uncensored images and the best places in the world to order await!

From popular illustrator Kekemotsu comes a figure based on the "Blonde Girl I Met by the Sea" illustration. Serving as her sculptor to deliver a rich sculpt filled with luster is Hamasaki Tsuyoshi, while her colorist yozakura, captivates all with her use of beautiful color!

You can't take your eyes off her as she stands on the hot white sand and begins stripping off her T-shirt. The heat becomes overwhelming when she lifts her shirt, unleashing her ferocious body underneath. An unforgettable summer is about to begin.

Set includes base, cast-off swimsuit top, and cast-off hot pants.

※ Please cast-off at your own risk.

―Daiki Kougyou

Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch



台座付属 キャストオフ可(水着ブラ・ホットパンツパーツ)


Character name Blonde Girl by Kekemotsu (ブロンドガール)

Series Kekemotsu Original Illustration (けけもつオリジナルイラスト)

Japanese name 海で出会ったブロンドガール

Also known as Umi de Deatta Blonde Girl

Original illustrator Kekemotsu (けけもつ)

Maker Daiki Kougyou (ダイキ工業)External Link

Sculptor Hamasaki Tsuyoshi (濱崎 剛)

Colorist yozakura

Release Jul. 2020 / 発売 2020年7月

Pre-order closing date Feb. 2020 / 2020年2月

Scale 1/5 Scale (330mm)

List Price 16,000JPY / 146USD / 133EUR / 113GBP or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

Here is a sample of Kekemotsu's illustration on which DAIKI Kougyou's "Blonde Girl I Met by the Sea" is based.

Blonde Girl I Met By the Sea original illustration by Kekemotsu


Before we start and at the risk of sounding vulgar, her hips, thighs, breasts, and abdomen are all undeniable. I wholly believe that's what DAIKI Kougyou intended and they succeeded there.

But as good as her body looks, her face frankly ruined her sculpt on first sight. I must say that her face grew on me since working on her pre-order guide. Judging by the way she's pulling off her sweater, this blonde girl is clearly proud of her physique. As she should be. Her entrancing bottle green eyes and slanted eyebrows give her pose a charm that wouldn't be the same, had her tongue not been protruding in this teasing way. Having said that, more could have been done with her face. Her lips and blush could be less of a straight pink and more of a vermilion.

Creamy Complexion

In comparison to her original illustration, you can see how DAIKI made a concession with how her swimsuit cuts into her breasts, causing it to spill from under the straps. Instead of teasing you with what's beneath, they opted to just showing you. The spillage is alluring and could have remained with a separate body, but then her price would have increased for it too.

While she does not feature a full cast-off, she does have a few display options. Wearing her swimsuit with shorts and showing off her fantastic body beneath is one. And exposing or rather, unleashing, her breasts with or without her shorts is another. Considering the daring design of her swimsuit, she may be a bit more provocative with it on and her shorts off.

From the front, the somewhat welded look of her bare breasts don't all look that appealing. With regards to the rest of her paintwork, the subtle coloring of her blonde hair looks quite nice. Especially how her skin and hair color marry with a resulting creamy tone, only for her green eyes to break it. Adding to that, you have the red glossy sheen of her swimsuit that creates a stronger contrast, tying the varying color together.

But on to her legs now, her wide hips and plump thighs are a delight, so is her subsequent thigh gap. However, the lower part of her legs look a bit short and dare I say, stubby. The design of her high-heel shoes don't do anything to help and only serve as a further detraction. Design aside, high-heels are impractical for this beach setting, but that's more of a complaint with the illustration rather than with her sculpt.

Fleshy Proportions

An area which deserves to be mentioned is the feeling of flesh is conveyed in her sculpt and paintwork. One of the angles where this most evident is her side. Not only does it give you a hint of her breasts' volume, but it also shows off other, easily missed details of her physique.

The first of two examples is the very deep arch of her back which leads us to the second. That is, the shading which along with her sculpt, conveys how her skin and flesh creases and folds around the base of bony areas. These areas particularly include her ribs from behind, her shoulder blades, as well as her shoulder sockets.

Spinning her around and having a look from behind, you can see how her crossed legs give shape to her posterior, which like the rest of her body, isn't lacking at all! The effort shown in realistically sculpting her buttocks and thighs is remarkable considering that she's not shown from behind in the illustration.

The unashamed, yet not gratuitous display of her voluptuous body and firm flesh is wholly appreciated as one of her best highlights.


Her tax-exclusive ¥16,000 list price is steep but not overly so. This is especially true when you consider her number of display options as well as the fact that her seams aren't obvious. Also being 1/5th scale, she's large in a way that for once, doesn't refer to her proportions. Measuring around 330mm tall, she's set to tower over a large number of figures.

She has some good points, but she's not perfect by any stretch. But this blonde girl by the sea is charming and for that, we think she deserves this mention. Now I ask you, will she just be a blonde girl that you met by the sea and become a future grail or will she become more? Thanks for reading!

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