MGW Favorites Selection – Another Chance – 2019

While some are happy by the decision to re-release, others (e.g. sellers who capitalize on a figure’s popularity) loath it with every fiber of their being. Join us as we gleefully count down our favorite re-releasing figures!

Eligibility: Figure must have previously been released

Honorable Mentions

AQUAMARINE's Elphelt Valentine may seem odd by being armed while wearing a wedding dress. We have high school girls with guns, why not have brides with them too? What stands out about her is the deep red accenting of her petticoat and her clean metallic dress. Her piercing green eyes and tilted wrist top off her charm.

Whether you find her annoying or enduring, Good Smile Company bottled essentially all of Aqua's (enduring) expressions into this cute Nendoroid with delightful blue coloring. So while Aqua may technically be useless, her smug expression is way too cute.

  1. 5th

    Date A Live II Tokisaki Kurumi by Alphamax

    With both her musket & flintlock pistol in hand, her flared dress and pose perfectly capture the personality of the one known as Nightmare. Rather than exhibiting her usual psychotic grin, she has a cooler and more confident expression this time. Flowing jet black hair frames her slender body that's hued with peach-colored skin.

    Putting aside the less vibrant color of her outfit, Alphamax's Tokisaki Kurumi still holds up with her swaying pose and face that captures her charm and thus nets her a spot on our list of favorite re-releases.

  2. 4th

    Master Altria by ALTER

    ALTER's Master Altria with her bent knee and parted lips express a soft atmosphere as the breeze wisps her hair. The matte tone of her navy sailor uniform and the semi-translucent socks further the soft tone while showing their painting skill. Her wide eyes and subdued expression are especially a change of pace to the usually shouting or scowling Saber.

    To put it plainly, she's a pretty girl through-and-through. Her hand posed on her chest is worth a mention and so is the way the fabric around her sword creases between her fingers as she clutches it behind her back.

  3. 3rd

    Lancer/Scáthach by quesQ

    Next we have the "naughty lady" in a full body suit. Certainly her body suit is skin tight and it extenuates every curve and minute detail of her body. To not notice that you'd either have a severe need for glasses or are entranced by her face. Her smooth and wide unsmiling face is clear with piercing scarlet eyes and pink lips. Scáthach's pose is based on a CG from the game and is fairly dynamic with the look as if she could strike with her spear at any moment.

    quesQ placed a lot of detail in her hair and as her outfit extenuates her body, her hair does the same for her face. Another highlight worth mentioning is how the buttons by her hips pin and crease the cape as it flutters in accordance to her motion.

  4. 2nd

    Lancer/Tamamo no Mae

    Kotobukiya's Tamamo no Mae in a bikini has a number of display options with her abundant goodies such as her straw hat, umbrella, shirt, sash, and inner tube to just standing there in her swimsuit. But no matter what she's wearing, her casual expression with a subtle smile and wide eyes, telling of Wada Arco's character style remains.

    Beyond the numerous display options, her arched body with or without her creased and drenched T-shirt is a highlight. Her hair tied in a ponytail draped over her shoulder as she looks into the distance is another charming facet of our second favorite re-release this year.

  5. 1st

    Saber/Nero Claudius Bride by FLARE

    Her re-release came out of the blue almost at the last minute. Suffice to say, we were mesmerized by her. As Emperor, Nero takes her rightful place at the very top when determining our favorite re-releases for 2019.

    By far, the best thing about FLARE's "Saber/Nero Claudius Bride" are the burnt edges of her train. The varying shades of the aforementioned (literally) burnt orange, including her brown belt and the light gold accents, all match the off-white shade of her unorthodox bridal gown. The creasing is there too, giving an impression of the fabric's texture as the main section is creased as it runs from her hip region to her bosom.

    And speaking of which, the Emperor is not afraid of showing off her body. And with a nice body she has, she shouldn't be! Her lily-white skin implies a degree softness and contrasts with with her restraining gown. While not a radical change, the option of being able to place her hand on her waist or with her sword is a welcomed one as it does give you another way to enjoy her.

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