MGW Favorites Selection – Cheongsam – 2019

The form-fitting traditional Chinese outfit known as cheongsam or colloquially as “China dress” sees greater representation with figures each year. Whether the girl wearing the dress is Chinese or not, let’s count down our favorite figures wearing one!

Eligibility: Figures wearing a cheongsam or "China Dress"

  1. 5th

    G.E.M. Series Kagura Adult ver. from Gintama

    MegaHouse's Kagura joins our list in fifth position with a dopey yet charming expression facial expression. Her wide grin with swinging twintails and raised knee only add to her charm. Motion is clearly illustrated as her cheongsam-inspired cape clings to her body and creases by her inner thigh and along her abdomen and breasts. You can also remove her cape and doing so reveals her metallic red two-piece outfit whose detail comes close in rivaling her cape. Removing her cape also shows you that she truly is an adult with her toned abdomen and well-developed breasts.

    Although she's a a fairly simple figure with no real extravagance, MegaHouse made use of what she has and honed it in great fashion. It's the interaction with her clothing and expression that is the most charming and earns her a place on our list of favorite figures wearing a cheongsam.

  2. 4th

    Momoko Illustration Yukari-chan (China×Maid)

    Next we have the waitress Yukari-chan by Union Creative that's wearing a cross between a cheongsam and a maid outfit. The numerous frills all have detailing and flow from white to red before finally joining the upper portion of her outfit. There, the red accents weaves between black of her main outfit and back again. The position of her left hand as it tugs her sleeve and raised heel are all charm points. She has a winsome face and her bright green hair and gold eyes don't detract from the pleasing color scheme of her outfit. In fact, the effect wouldn't be the same had her hair been a natural color.

  3. 3rd

    Gd DSR-50 ~Spring Peony~

    Her upward drifting gaze and her puckered lips are as bewitching as her 1.3 meter tall .50 caliber DSR-50 sniper rifle that sits behind her. It needs to be said that her seductive aura is only increased thanks to her pelvic curtain that casually falls between her legs. Further drawing your attention, the deep slit in Gd DSR-50's dress makes her long stocking-clad legs look even longer and more alluring as it shows off her garter belt and the strap of her panties.

    Sadly it's from behind, but Phat did a wonderful job on her hair with the detailed deviations and how it flows from a rich golden brown at the top of her head to an ashy midnight blue as it reaches the floor. While she does have some nagging issues, the detail in her cheongsam, hair, and DSR-50 make up for them.

  4. 2nd

    Dai-Yu illustration by Tony DX Ver.

    Although this is the DX version which refers to the adult version, dare I say that Dai Yu's charm in fact does not come from her cast-off. Where Tony's Dai Yu does win is with the design of her beautiful butterfly-patterned cheongsam and how it shifts into a half-dress as it reaches her waist. But it's not a waste as it shows off her thigh and long leg. To show off more of her legs, you can change her dress into a mini-skirt. What makes her possibly the best in Tony's Chinese-inspired lineup is how well her ashen hair with lavender tones work with the powder blue of her dress.

    Just what is she trying to say with her hooded eyes and cat-like grin?

  5. 1st

    Yae Sakura Cheongsam Stigmata

    As we reach the end of our favorite figures wearing a cheongsam, we have Yae Sakura sitting on top of the list on a branch so high that she may develop altitude sickness and fall! The variable intensity of the cherry blossom coloring in her hair complements her elegant off-white white cheongsam. The cheongsam itself is form-fitting and features black and gold accenting that's structured around the extravagant rich gold cherry blossom emblem which is squarely centered on her chest.

    Unlike her previous sword drawing outing, Yae Sakura has a demure expression as she holds the collapsed fan to her mouth. As with Union Creative's Yukari-chan, it shows that her illustrator carefully considered every color choice and what impact it would make on the whole.

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