MGW Favorites Selection – Kimono – 2019

Be they simple and elegant or colorful and exquisite, traditional Japanese clothing is the order of the day. Join us as we list our favorite figures wearing a kimono or yukata.

Eligibility: Figures wearing a kimono or yukata

Honorable Mentions

Aniplex's exclusive "WAHOO! Asuna Undine Kyo Yuuzen ver." deserves an honorable mention for the exquisite floral pattern on her blue kimono that matches her hair and wings.

  1. 5th

    Rem – Oiran Douchuu –

    Wearing a courtesan outfit, Rem starts of our list of favorite figures wearing a kimono. And she's not just wearing any kimono, she's wearing an ornate courtesan kimono with her pose and setting inspired by the real-life "Procession of Courtesans" held in Japan during spring. She has two main highlights, first, the intricate spring-inspiring floral print on her extravagant kimono. And second, it's the convincing use of flowing parts of her outfit that expresses motion as she's walking, making you believe that she is part of a procession.

    With Rem being a great example, we certainly welcome more anime characters being made into figures wearing traditional Japanese clothing. Not only does it honor traditional aesthetics, it also serves as an opportunity to inspire the viewer to learn more about the culture behind them, if they were previously unaware. Now, how Ram would look in a courtesan outfit?

  2. 4th

    Ram -White Kimono-

    Speaking of which, like a fallen petal of a flower that's carried by the wind, Ram drifts into fourth place wearing a pure white kimono with a delicate pattern and deep red accenting. Her usual annoyed expression is nowhere to be found as a gentle smile replaces it. Her smile matches her large rose-colored eyes and her sidewards glance. Besides the pleasing matching color of her hair and eyes against her kimono as a backdrop, the flowing and creasing of her kimono as she rushes forward is the most eye-catching highlight of this figure.

  3. 3rd

    Rem Yukata Ver. Repaint

    She very nearly made it on to our list of most outstanding figures of 2018, but this year, REVOLVE's repainted Rem Yukata places third in our list of favorite kimono figures. A yukata, if you didn't know is a kimono made with lighter material and worn in the summer.

    Although her outfit is less extravagant than those preceding her, Rem's yukata fits a surprising number of details in a tight area. An example is how her obi creases the fabric by her bosom and arms. You can see the fabric pooling and creasing around her knee as she raises it. Special mention goes to her hydrangea pattern that conforms to the shape of her body and her yukata's numerous creases.

    Perhaps the biggest highlight of all is her soft pink hair ornament that sits in her already detailed hair.

  4. 2nd

    Rem -Demon Bride-

    Replacing her umbrella with a spiked ball and chain. As with Ram White Kimono & Rem – Oiran Douchuu before her, Design COCO and by extension, FuRyu's use of motion in their figures is top notch. Her turning body conveys having just struck her enemy (or cheating husband) with enough force to send blood flying a good distance onto her beautiful but now ruined kimono. By splattering it with blood, one could see this as diminishing the elegance of FuRyu's white kimono series. But I would disagree and not because I'm terrified. In addition to Rem looking like she just struck her enemy, she also looks to be in the pose to strike once more.

    Deserving a mention are her interchangeable faces and wataboushi. Her pretty face with narrowed irides and pupils dilated to the point of near non-existence and demented, wide-grinned expression are highlights of this figure.

    Cheating is bad, okay? But as a somebody once said, it's not cheating unless you get caught, so don't get caught!

  5. 1st

    Date A Live Light Novel Kurumi Tokisaki Alluring Kimono Ver.

    Demon maids claimed the lower four spots, but number one was destined to be the beautiful nightmare known as Tokisaki Kurumi in an alluring kimono. Kurumi featured on our list last year in the fifth and sixth positions with the assertion that from cool to psychotic and even tempting, she's able to make any expression. KADOKAWA reinforces this assertion further by adding "cute" to the list.

    Lavish gold trim is not out of place in her vermilion kimono with hints of maroon in her obi and lining as well as burgundy in her sleeves. The subtle variations of these intense colors are a unlike any which graced the list and is reminiscent of the melancholy of autumn.

    She's a nigh-perfect representation of Tsunako's original illustration by the sculptor with the name "fundoshi." Every aspect of her design looks as if it received the same attention to detail. Her creamy skin and defined collar bones have comparative detail to her chestnut hair with deep gradation and large, pink floral hair ornament.

    It's odd how Kurumi also has the most gentle expression on the list. Considering that, the cat charm on her flintlock pistol is a nice touch. For all of these things, Tokisaki Kurumi, the one known as "Nightmare", represents a sweet dream with alluring charm and stands atop our list of favorite kimono figures of 2019.

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