MGW Favorites Selection – Lingerie – 2019

Here we’ll look back at our favorite girls wearing pretty frilly lace bedroom wear! From cute to alluring, the ideas that can be expressed with lingerie are are without limit.

Eligibility: Figures wearing lingerie

Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions go to Yumi Wedding Lingerie who nearly made it on to our list and whose explosive breasts are barely contained in her lovely belly exposing corset. Her pose emphasizes every aspect of her developed body and her lingerie matches its detail and elevates it. Another honorable mention goes to ALUMINA's debut figure Totoki Airi Bunny ver. that straddles both being a bunny girl and a lingerie-clad idol. Besides her large brown eyes and pouting pose, her soft coloring and texture is one of our favorite things about her.

  1. 5th

    Yui Kotegawa by Max Factory

    Wearing pearl white wedding lingerie, Max Factory's 1/6th scale Kotegawa Yui from To LOVE-Ru starts our list of favorite lingerie figures. She's based on her appearance the manga with her large amber eyes being one of her most prominent features. The glossy pearl paint draws out the detailing of her bodice as well as drawing your attention to the creases and ruffles. Keeping her hands and arms bare and unfettered with nail polish or bangles was a good choice. The the positions of her hands on her breast and thigh create one highlight after another in a figure filled with them.

  2. 4th

    Sawamura Spencer Eriri ~Lingerie ver.~

    Next we have Sawamura Spencer Eriri in blue and purple lingerie that fits her character. That's the biggest highlight and Aniplex & ALTER gets her transition from Misaki Kurehito's art right from the start. Her charming demure face looks more adult-like in this rendition while her fang evokes her familiar character. The way her hands are loosely interlocking is another highlight, it gives off an almost melancholic air despite her smile.

  3. 3rd

    Kasumigaoka Utaha ~Lingerie ver.~

    Third on our list of favorite lingerie figures of 2019 is Kasumigaoka Utaha-senpai from Saekano with cooperation by Aniplex & ALTER. She was the last of the main heroines to go up for pre-order and was indeed worth the wait. As with Eriri's color scheme, Utaha's coloring fits her character with the old burgundy elevating her already adult-like aura. The white French-inspired pinstripes and frilly lace trim only complement the deep coloring of her outfit and add to her maturity. Her face matches the original artwork and is charming without a hint of melancholy, but rather confidence.

  4. 2nd

    Tokisaki Kurumi Lingerie Ver. Black color

    Tokisaki Kurumi Lingerie Ver. Black color is a color variant of Alphamax's Tokisaki Kurumi Lingerie Ver. which appeared midway on our "Most Outstanding" list last year. She's remains largely the same and retains the good sculpting choices which originally earned her a spot on the list. This version swaps out Kurumi's traditional orange and black coloring for more earthy tones.

    Exposing her entire abdomen, Kurumi's sheer corset is the most revealing of all the ladies on our list. Thanks to the corset's new sheer caramel color, its pattern has better visibility versus the original version where the bright orange dominated. The frills at the end of her corset have more prominence due in part to the corset's color, but mainly due to its own new dark brown coloring.

    While she looks a bit more balanced, the color choices for this variant can be polarizing. Having said that, she's still one of the very best Kurumi figures and one of the best lingerie figures in general.

  5. 1st

    Yukinoshita Yukino Lingerie ver.

    After an intense debate with many strong figures vying, REVOLVE's Yukinoshita Yukino Lingerie ver. lounges at the top of our list emitting kitten-like cuteness! Contrasting with Kurumi's being the most revealing, Yukino's lilac lingerie is moderate and perhaps the most restrained in terms of exposure and frills. With diminished focus on the lingerie, the charm of girl wearing the lingerie becomes more apparent in this case. With that in mind, Yukino's clear face and bare shoulders with defined collar bone are eye-catching.

    Other highlights are the subtle details of how her outfit reacts to the position of her body, such as how the garter is loose on her left leg and where it pulls tight on her right side, where she's leaning. For a more conspicuous highlight, the way she's hooking her corset's strap with her thumb while still looking at you as if asking how it looks. Well it looks great!

    Rather than mature, her outfit looks cute with the little red bows. The cat ears are magnetic, thus allowing you to remove them for a different impression of the same pretty girl. For the reasons listed here and on her page is that Yukinoshita Yukino Lingerie ver. is our favorite lingerie figure of the year.

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