Azur Lane Duke of York Prestige of the Glorious Formula by MIMEYOI

Introducing the re-release of MIMEYOI’s evocative Duke of York Prestige of the Glorious Formula from Azur Lane. Proceed for our pre-order guide, where you will find the most reputable hobby retailers along with numerous product images detailing her alluring body and intently sexy outfit.

Proceed unless you’re able to withstand her seductive gaze, only to later see her become a grail. Maybe you weren’t able to withstand her and already ordered?

Duke of York Prestige of the Glorious Formula was originally titled
“Duke of York Yoka Brands Jewel” Besides the name, as noted by MIMEYOI, she remains the same figure.

Duke of York Yoka Brands Jewel was named #1 in the MGW Favorites Selection 2020 Race Queen Category

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? An outfit perfectly constructed for fanning the flames of passion in one’s heart—there’s nothing wrong about that, is there?

In response to the numerous requests by fervid commanders, Duke of York will be re-released!!
To all of you, thank you so much for your support!!

New product photos have been taken to commemorate Duke of York’s re-release. But despite this, her product specifications remain the same as her initial release.

Allow the desire burning within to engulf you as you thoroughly enjoy Duke of York in her special sexy race queen outfit. If you were unable to pre-order her last time, please take the opportunity to do so now. By all means, please do~

This was MIMYOI public relations—

※ A dedicated 210mm diameter acrylic base is included.
※ Product specifications do not include the ability to cast off.
※ Product photos were taken of the prototype. There might be subtle differences due to the coloring process being done by hand. Please consider this possibility before purchasing.


Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch

美しかろう? そなたがくれた装いはそなたの恋情を煽るに最適――何もおかしくはないわよ?

みなさまのおかげです ありがとうございます!!





※専用アクリルプレート台座付属(直径 210mm) 

※商品写真は本製品を撮影したものですが製品の塗装は彩色工程が手作業となるため商品個々に多少の差異があります。 あらかじめご了承の上ご検討ください。


Japanese name デューク・オブ・ヨーク 誉笏のグロリアスフォーミュラ

Also known as Duke of York Yoka Brands Jewel / デューク・オブ・ヨーク 妖華ブランズジュエル / 碧蓝航线 约克公爵 妖华Brands Jewel

Original illustrator Enka

Maker MIMEYOIExternal Link

Sculptor jarel

Colorist Moriyama Nana (森山 奈菜)

With co-operation by CREAME

Release Dec. 2022 / 発売 2022年12月

Pre-order opening date June 3rd, 2022 12:00JST / 2022年6月3日 12:00

Pre-order closing date July 19th, 2022 23:59JST / 2022年7月19日 23:59

Scale 1/4 Scale (337mm)

List Price 31,350JPY / 226USD / 218EUR / 189GBP or in your currency
If you have an MGW Membership, you have access to a premium version of our impressions of Duke of York.

Please note, this was our impression of Duke of York’s initial release.


I’m surprised by her size, nowhere did I expect her to be 1/4th scale and she’s not a bunny either! The amount of detail MIMEYOI placed in Duke of York’s sculpt and paintwork really benefits from the larger scale.

Her sadistic expression is one of the things I really like about her. Particularly how her raised eyebrows slope with her cheeks that push the bottom part of her eyes upwards. Also, how she’s biting into her lip as if she’s struggling to restrain herself. The smooth pink tone of her lips and glossy reflection on her bottom lip are good points of her face’s paintwork. For her hair, I like how each section appears to move in relation to her head, such as how the strands on the left are slower to move than those on the right, which are almost whipping around her. The painted highlights on the front section of her hair are on point and worth mentioning.

One of the easily missed highlights are her wrists and fingers, particularly the way her right wrist bends as she holds her hand behind her head. Her different colored fingers are reminiscent of another vampiric character, in the form of the Fate series’ Elizabeth Báthory. Although easily missed, the focus on her detailed fingers is welcomed. The metallic red accenting of the outfit looks really good against its onyx-looking base color. However, my awe of her outfit’s color doesn’t extent to her shoes which looks out of place next to her stockings.

Duke of York’s proportions are certainly outstanding and judging by her expression, she knows it well! Her design and pose easily expresses the wonders of mature body-types. While her breasts are larger than average, they aren’t out of proportion with her squishy body and breathtaking thighs!


She stumbles here and there, but MIMEYOI’s Duke of York is packed with detail from the tippy-top of her pretty head, to her pointy ears, and all the way down to her high-heels. Her sculpt is very good, but Moriyama Nana’s paintwork takes her a very long way. Overall, I’m not about to begrudge her when I say that she’s one of the nicest figures of the year so far and every bit worthy of her premium price tag.

Thank you for reading this excerpt of our impressions of Duke of York. The complete version is available with an MGW Membership.
Impressions: Duke of York Prestige of the Glorious Formula

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