Lee-Enfield Lifelong Protector Ver. from Girls’ Frontline

Introducing Lee-Enfield Lifelong Protector Ver. by Emontoys from Girls’ Frontline! The beautiful Lee-Enfield is set to release internationally in October and the most reputable retailers with the best discounts are waiting for you~

Character name Lee-Enfield (リー・エンフィールド)

Series Girls’ Frontline (ドールズフロントライン)

Original name 李-恩菲尔德 毕生守护

Japanese name リー・エンフィールド 一生守り抜くVer.

Original illustrator rei (Staff)

Maker Emontoys (エモントイズ)External Link

Colorist sleepless (Staff)

Release Oct. 2020 / 発売 2020年10月

Scale 1/8 Scale (240mm)

List Price 15,800JPY / 147USD / 133EUR / 118GBP or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

Lee-Enfield Lifelong Protector Ver. is based on her "Lifelong Protector" outfit from the game. Here is the CG as a reference, but remember that an illustrated bonus will not be included unless mentioned by your selected retailer.

Lee Enfield Lifelong Protector Ver. original illustration by rei


With her upturned eyebrows showing anxious feeling, she's charming from the moment you set eyes on her. Her hair near perfectly replicates the illustration in the way it flows, although it would benefit from further delineation near the top.

While her leotard inspired wedding dress is unorthodox, it's where she's most striking. Her sculptors rendered it with impressive detail and consideration to the illustration. That's not to mention how it highlights her lean build, placing emphasis on her exposed pelvis. Going with the rest of her body, Lee-Enfield's legs are long and slender. Speaking of which, the light creasing in her stockings, especially around her knees and feet are easily one of the biggest highlights. Another is how her train, veil, and hair flow in uniform motion as she walks.

The red-backed, gold pin-striped section of her train matches her gold accessories and contrasts with the rest of her outfit. The pearl coating also emphasizes the creasing and folding of the fabric. Considering the detail in her train, it's almost a shame to remove it. But in doing so, you'll be treated to a sight of her shapely posterior that fits with her lean body while still being feminine. Whether she's wearing a beautiful and elaborate train or displaying a fan-service pose, you're spoiled for choice by being able to display her as you please.

Special mentions go to Lee-Enfield's base for replicating a chapel's wooden floor and carpet. Her rifle's metallic paintwork around the scope and trigger deserve mention as well. Did you notice her trigger discipline? Her hair is amber in the CG, where it's unnecessarily closer to chestnut here and detracts from the paintwork. The same could be said for her rifle's wood finish; it's a bit more red than necessary.


We mentioned her on Twitter when pre-orders opened in China and there was a bit of uncertainty if she would get an international release. My remarks about her hair and paintwork may not be flattering, but ACToys put out a good figure in "Lee-Enfield Lifelong Protector Ver.", that's almost a perfect reproduction of the artwork and at a good price no less.

Overall, I'm happy that she's getting an international release and think she's worth the asking price, whether you're a fan of her as a T-doll or just like bishoujo figures. Thank you very much for reading! So will Lee-Enfield be the lifelong protector in your collection or will she be a future grail? Tell us in the comments what you think of her.

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