Akasa Ai Illustration Kaigun Musume Scarlet

Pre-orders are now open for Union Creative’s navy girl, “Akasa Ai Illustration Kaigun Musume Scarlet!” Product info and images showing off Scarlet’s allure are waiting for you and so are the best hobby shops to secure her before she becomes a grail!

At long last, the original character "Kaigun Musume Scarlet" by the very popular illustrator Akasa Ai is being made into a figure!

Following the illustration with immense commitment, she's a full reproduction of the artwork!!

Please enjoy the cute and sexy "Kaigun Musume" by all means!

―Union Creative ltd

Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch

『海軍ムスメ スカーレット』が待望の立体化!


Character name Scarlet by Akasa Ai (スカーレット)

Series Akasa Ai Original (あかさあい先生オリジナル)

Japanese name あかさあいイラスト 『海軍ムスメ スカーレット』

Also known as Akasa Ai Illustration Navy Girl Scarlet

Original illustrator Akasa Ai (あかさあい)

Maker Union Creative ltd (ユニオンクリエイティブ)External Link

Sculptor Design COCO (デザイン・ココ)

Colorist Design COCO (デザイン・ココ)

Release Oct. 2020 / 発売 2020年10月

Pre-order closing date June 25th, 2020 23:59JST / 2020年6月25日 23:59

Scale Non-scale (200mm)

List Price 15,800JPY / 147USD / 134EUR / 120GBP or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

As a reference, here is the original illustration of Scarlet by Akasa Ai.

Kaigun Musume Scarlet original illustration by Akasa Ai

Look at that pretty face and pretty really everything else! If I'd been in this navy girl's command, I'd do just about anything she'd want. And if I'd happen to be an enemy, well I wouldn't be one for long!

Scarlet's best points are her solemn expression and relatively simple pose. Mixing the scarlet red into her mostly white outfit looks good with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Another thing which deserves a mention is that Design COCO did a good job in sculpting Scarlet according to the illustration. Especially the tilt of her head and flow of her hair.

Price-wise, I will be honest in saying that as nice as she is, Scarlet is a touch expensive at ¥17,380 including tax. She's obviously not the most expensive we've seen this year and the shops do have some nice discounts, so it takes the sting out of it.

Anyway, how about you? What do you think about Akasa Ai's navy girl, Scarlet?

Distributors for Akasa Ai Illustration Kaigun Musume Scarlet

「あかさあいイラスト 『海軍ムスメ スカーレット』」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

Japan-only / 日本


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