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Orders are now open for ALTER’s carefree Miyamoto Musashi Casual Ver. from Fate/Grand Order! While this pretty lady Musashi will certainly keep you waiting with her May 2021 release, product info, photos, and the best hobby shops are here now!

The swordsman Miyamoto Musashi from Fate/Grand Order arrives in casual clothing and ready for a day out.

She has an attractive smile as she enjoys herself like a carefree girl. Her easy going, single-legged pose shows off the sex appeal of her peachy flesh and twisting waist. The loose-fitting jersey with its many creases conform to her feminine body line and shows it off well. Musashi provides a display option that removes her jersey. In doing so, you may fully enjoy her décolleté with her tight camisole. Equally tight and enjoyable are her hot pants, which have a different appeal without the jersey.

Musashi also poses with her cloth-wrapped katana. Its hardened steel effect exhudes a heavy presence. And it’s one that sharply constrasts with her feminine appearance.


Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch

『Fate/Grand Order』より、剣豪“宮本 武蔵”がカジュアルな私服姿で登場。



Japanese name 宮本 武蔵 私服Ver.

Sculptor Numakura Toshiaki (沼倉 としあき)

Colorist Watanabe Takamasa (渡邊 恭大)

Release May 2021 / 発売 2021年5月

Scale 1/7 Scale (260mm)

List Price 13,800JPY / 99USD / 96EUR / 83GBP or in your currency
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Musashi’s one-legged is pose fairly playful. Then you have the position of her arms. They give her jersey’s sleeves the opportunity to crease. And crease they do. The cable texture is incredibly detailed as well. Upon removing her jersey, you can see that her camisole moves according to her body. A nice touch is the faint pulling between the camisole’s fabric and its black border.

So her pose is fun and there’s great detail in her clothing. But her coloring is the reason why she’s so impactful. In addition to her vermilion jersey, she’s also wearing stockings dyed in Autumn’s colors. Her stockings tie her overall outfit together by bridging the colors of her jersey and boots. Their texture is somewhat to be desired, though. Aside from the very few ceases, her stockings look painted onto her legs.

As for Musashi’s face, it’s soft with girlish features. Some may not like her lesser defined jaw and chin. A highlight is her defined bottom lip and the shadow it casts. Another charming point is her soft creamy skin. It complements her lavender hair very well. The disheveled look of her hair is both cute and well detailed. You can see the right sidelock tucking into her top-knot.

Yours truly would willing labor in a scientific trial to find anyone from the Fate series who rocks a pair of shorts better than one Nero Claudius. Still, I must say, Musashi fills out her shorts extremely well. The design is quite detailed too. Even the front shows its creasing as the light caresses her body.

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Impressions: Miyamoto Musashi Casual Ver.

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