Girls’ Frontline UMP9 by Funny Knights

“UMP9 has arrived! From now on, we’re all a family!” Pre-orders are now open for UMP9 by Funny Knights from Girls’ Frontline! The 1/7th scale UMP9 is set to release in August, but for more, check out our pre-order guide!

"UMP9 has arrived! From now on, we're all a family!"

From the popular game "Girls' Frontline" comes a 1/7th scale figure of UMP9 in a dynamic pose based on her main visual. Her cute characteristic cat-shaped smile contrasts with her cool and elaborately sculpted black and yellow outfit. In addition, her UMP9 has been carefully reproduced and comes complete with a silencer and holographic sight.

Please enjoy the smiling face of Team 404's mood maker, UMP9, at your leisure.

―Funny Knights

Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch




Character name UMP9 from Girls’ Frontline

Series Girls’ Frontline (ドールズフロントライン)

Japanese name ドールズフロントライン UMP9

Original illustrator infukun

Maker Funny Knights (ファニーナイツ)External Link

Release Aug. 2020 / 発売 2020年8月

Scale 1/7 Scale (250mm)

List Price 14,800JPY / 136USD / 121EUR / 108GBP or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

For comparison purposes, Funny Knights' UMP9 is based on this illustration from the game.

UMP9 original illustration by infukun


Let's have a quick look at Funny Knights' eye-catching UMP9!

First off, I'm of the opinion that Funny Knights along with a few other makers don't do so well with open mouths. But with UMP9's closed mouth, they've done a solid job in defining it and giving her bottom lip a realistic pink-peachy tone.

While her mouth looks better than in the illustration, her hair lacks its vibrancy. From afar, she's the spitting image of her source material, but up close you'll notice the lack of detail in her fringe. From behind though, there's a surprising amount of detail where the ribbons separate her hair into twin-tails. While her hair isn't bad, it isn't great either.

The deep and almost runny black and yellow of her outfit is what initially catches your eye. Then you have the varying shades of brown and her off-white shirt to break the dominant pair, resulting in an cool and sleek appearance. Each part of her outfit is of similar high-quality design. But the best part is how the clothing is layered and affects what's next to or beneath it. An example is how her jacket creases her shirt underneath and how the collar bunches the scarf. As with her hair, they even put detail in her jacket and skirt where you wouldn't normally see.

While her whole outfit is impressive, my favorite part is how her jacket sleeve creases around her elbow, all the while twisting and creasing down to her wrist where she's holding her UMP9. Speaking of her UMP9, she shows off its clean sculpt by positioning it in a commanding way. And did you notice her trigger discipline? Quick mention goes to her glossy black PVC boots with detailed laces against the yellow backing.


You can tell just by looking at her, that a lot of care went into not only her the sculpt, but also her paintwork. Overall, Funny Knights' UMP9 is an affordable and good-looking representation of her in-game CG. But what do you think? Thanks for reading!

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