Rider/Altria Pendragon [Alter] by AMAKUNI

The exclusive Rider/Altria Pendragon [Alter] by AMAKUNI from Fate/Grand Order is now available for pre-order! GRIZZRYPANDA and Hoshina Eimi respectively serve as her sculptor and colorist, but more info along with product photos are ahead.

"I'm not a typical Heroic Spirit bound by the custom of wearing a swimsuit. That is because, I am first a maid."

From Fate/Grand Order, the tyrannical summer maid, Rider/Altria Pendragon [Alter] arrives as a figure by AMAKUNI based on her 3rd Ascension!

Originally designed by sculptor GRIZZRYPANDA as a Garage Kit to sell at events, she's now being produced as a pre-painted figure under the supervision of TYPE-MOON! With care, Alter has been sculpted in a dignified pose that is fitting of a Heroic Spirit such as herself. Additionally, she's armed with weapons Excalibur Morgan and the water gun Secace, both which have their intricate design patterns left intact.

Of course, the smallest details and creases of her coat and dress, as well as the glossy texture of her gloves have also been carefully reproduced. With a cool smile that's befitting of Alter, it's like she says: "Being a maid is about perfection. There is no room for the slightest mistake." With the finishing touches added, she's now complete.

And for your enjoyment, her coat is removable as to give you a view of her shoulders and back which are usually hidden. Please, by all means, welcome Alter into your home and enjoy the perfect "Moment of Service" she readily provides.


Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch


「Fate/Grand Order」より夏の暴君メイドこと、ライダー/アルトリア・ペンドラゴン〔オルタ〕がAMAKUNIより登場!
原型師グリズリーパンダがイベントにて制作・販売したガレージキットを TYPE-MOON完全監修にて完成品フィギュアとしてリリース!






Character name Rider/Altria Pendragon [Alter] (ライダー/アルトリア・ペンドラゴン[オルタ])

Character name Saber Alter (セイバーオルタ)

Series Fate/Grand Order

Japanese name ライダー/アルトリア・ペンドラゴン〔オルタ〕

Maker AMAKUNIExternal Link

Sculptor GRIZZRYPANDA (グリズリーパンダ)

Colorist Hoshina Eimi (星名 詠美)

Release June-July 2021 / 発売 2021年6月~7月

Pre-order closing date September 1st, 2020 23:59JST / 2020年9月1日 23:59

Scale 1/7 Scale (250mm)

List Price 19,800JPY / 184USD / 164EUR / 147GBP or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

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