OTs-14 Crassula volkensii by Reverse Studio from Girls’ Frontline

Like her name, she rumbles with disrupting thunder. Introducing the undeniably beautiful OTs-14 Crassula volkensii by Reverse Studio from Girls’ Frontline! Product photos and the most trusted international retailers for the imported OTs-14 are waiting.

Head’s up, pre-orders are closing in early August. So you best hurry unless you’d have her be a future grail!

"It's an excellent victory. We'll celebrate later, right Commander?"

From the popular social game, Girls' Frontline, comes a figure of the "Queen of Night Battles", OTs-14, in her Crassula volkensii outfit from the game! She wears a black cheongsam that boldy accentuates her bust… and the sight of which is undoubtedly sexy!

The prototype of her weapon was made by orange cat industry which has experience with designing model firearms.

―Reverse Studio

Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch



―Reverse Studioさんより

Character name OTs-14 from Girls’ Frontline

Series Girls’ Frontline (ドールズフロントライン)

Original name OTs-14 紫雨心

Japanese name ドールズフロントライン OTs-14 紫雨心Ver.

Also known as OTs-14 Purple Rain Heart Ver.

Original illustrator ASK

Maker Reverse Studio

Sculptor reflex

Sculptor orange cat industry (橘猫工業)

Colorist Kayin (咖音)

Colorist Phoenix Gyakuten (Phoenix逆転)

Release Jan. 2021 / 発売 2021年1月

Pre-order closing date August 5th, 2020 23:59JST / 2020年8月5日 23:59

Scale 1/8 Scale (245mm)

List Price 15,600JPY / 146USD / 126EUR / 114GBP or in your currency

At a Glance (click to enlarge)

Here's how the pretty OTs-14 appears in game, her design is handled by Chinese illustrator, ASK.

OTs 14 Crassula Volkensii illustration by ASK from Girls Frontline

Her outfit's name can and has been translated as "Purple Rain Heart", but we chose to use "Crassula volkensii" which has been used by Reverse Studio and the game itself.

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