MIMEYOI Prince of Wales The Laureate’s Victory Lap from Azur Lane

Introducing MIMEYOI's Prince of Wales The Laureate's Victory Lap from the mobile game Azur Lane! As with their Duke of York before her, Prince of Wales is a large and beautiful 1/4th scale figure with delightfully squishy proportions. High-quality product photos showing just how beautiful and squishy she is, including her exclusive retailers are waiting in her order guide!

"It's your victory—I will put forth a worthy performance."

Commanders, we've kept you waiting~

Following the hot topic appearance of Duke as a race queen and her subsequent in-game implementation, comes Prince also with a big 1/4th scale entry ♡

Do you find her bare body wrapped in such a form-fitting outfit arousing?? It's very sexy, isn't it?? What's more, there are several transparent areas~

And with a feature unique to MIMEYOI figures, Prince comes with an acrylic base to provide a luxurious air.

Commanders, please have the very sexy, beautiful, and cute Prince join your side!!

※ The product specification does not include the cast-off ability. Please consider this when placing your order.


Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch



※製品仕様上のキャストオフはございません。 あらかじめご了承の上ご検討ください。


Japanese name ミメヨイ プリンス・オブ・ウェールズ 栄冠のビクトリーレーシング レースクイーン

Also known as 碧蓝航线 威尔士亲王 桂冠的胜利竞速

Original illustrator Enka

Maker MIMEYOIExternal Link

Sculptor jarel

Sculptor CREAME

Colorist Moriyama Nana (森山 奈菜)

Release Jul. 2021 / 発売 2021年7月

Pre-order closing date November 20th, 2020 23:59JST / 2020年11月20日 23:59

Scale 1/4 Scale (330mm)

List Price 26,800JPY / 254USD / 217EUR / 197GBP or in your currency

With Enka serving as character designer, Prince of Wales is based on the following illustration from the game.

Prince of Wales original illustration by Enka


If you have an MGW Membership, you have access to a premium version of our impressions of Prince of Wales.

Prince of Wales has a subdued and smooth flesh coating with light shading around her eyes rounded off by two painted highlights. Her eyes are the most striking feature in her face and shows her maturity. Though the look in her eyes tell you that she knows where you're looking and that is of course, her hair! There's quite more detail than what one would expect from a relatively shorter hairstyle. Her hair is comprised of five sections, four if you count the back and sides as one. Her fringe is soft and glossy-looking, while the sections towards the the back share a matte sheen that has an almost golden gradation. There's a lot of detail in the various sections, but you can really appreciate the effort they put into her hair when it fully comes together. This is especially true considering that much of her hair is hidden in the illustration.

The light silver for the main color of her outfit was a nice choice and results in a pleasing combination with her matte skin. The black accents are also mostly well placed, I'm particularly fond of the angled black accents at the top of her stockings and on the inside of her sleeves. Her feet look a bit big and lack a gentle slope from the front of her ankle to her toes, resulting in an awkward look. I can't say the black accessories above her ankles help, they make matters worse. Due to the design of her outfit, we get to see her largely bare back. However, her shoulder blades aren't as defined as I would have liked. The detail in her spine gets better as it reaches the small of her back and posterior. For her outfit being so tight, it shows realistic creasing throughout and is consistently impressive with how it's shaded.

Of all the nice aspects of her sculpt, one I like most is how they conveyed her supple flesh. The way it doubles over the upper part of each breast can't be described as anything else but lovely. Her crisscross bra straps, attaching to her lovely choker, also play a role in showing off her flesh's squishy nature as they cut into her breasts. The tightness of her tube top constricts her breasts enough to have them ever so slightly spill over the sides, facilitating that light-trapping dip between them. Even if Prince of Wales has a larger than average bosom, I like how the rest of her body is in proportion. Aside from her breasts, her stomach also received some attention and is strong from both a sculpt and coloring perspective. You can see that her diaphragm is toned, tapering to her waist in an almost V-shape. Her waist then gradually widens into her hips, creating an hourglass shape. From there, her hips smoothly lead into her thighs. However, the accessories on her waist are unnecessary, detracting from the view of her contours. As with her outfit, her stockings are tight. From underneath, you can see how her flesh undulates in the stockings based on the varying tightness.

While she's not perfect and I don't agree with all of the design choices, I can't say that MIMEYOI's Prince of Wales is not the subject of much care and an impressive figure from her head to her base. What do you think of her? Thanks for reading!

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