G.E.M. Series Kouzuki Kallen Pilot Suit Ver. from Code Geass

G.E.M. Series Kouzuki Kallen Pilot Suit Ver. by MegaHouse is now available for pre-order! Kallen in her revealing blood red pilot suit and strong gaze that oozes the style of Code Geass and CLAMP will knock your socks and everything else off. Her order guide and high-quality product photos are waiting, so what are you are you waiting for!?

The ever-popular series, Code Geass, celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2021. And from "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection", comes the fourth figure in Kouzuki Kallen. Her appearance in her pilot suit is based on the first joint battle with Suzaku. With character designer Kimura Takahiro supervising her production, you can be sure of a quality finish in both her design and coloring. Keeping that in mind, be sure to see the intricate sculpting of her ripened breasts and entrancing hips with your own eyes!


Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch

根強い人気を見せるコードギアスシリーズより、「コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ」第4弾としてヒロイン「紅月カレン」の登場です。
キャラクターデザイン:木村 貴宏氏の徹底監修をうけており、造形彩色共にハイクオリティな仕上がりです。


Japanese name G.E.M.シリーズ コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ 紅月カレン パイロットスーツVer.

Also known as G.E.M.系列 Code Geass 复活的鲁路修 红月卡莲 驾驶服Ver.

Release May 2021 / 発売 2021年5月

Pre-order closing date Nov. 2020 / 2020年11月

Scale Non-scale (200mm)

List Price 14,300JPY / 136USD / 116EUR / 105GBP or in your currency


If you have an MGW Membership, you have access to a longer version of our impressions of Kallen.

Kallen's best angle is from the front, where she's looking to the side. Not only do we get to see her red gradated hair swaying, but also her stylized CLAMP features and beautiful blue eyes. Past her eyes, we can also see the determination in her upturned mouth. Despite her strong features, she looks like a girl and you can see that in her small face and slightly curved jaw. Another hint of femininity comes through with her slim shoulders. From there, we're also treated by the lovely creasing of her pilot suit under her arms.

Speaking of which, her pilot suit accentuates her body well and I like how they broke the design into sections, with the larger one resembling a leotard or high-rise swimsuit. More than matching Kallen's hair, her suit's blood-red matches the matte charcoal used to color her sultry thighs and pelvis. Neither color competes with each other; both their shade and coverage complement the other. Using bronze to accent her outfit is another nice design choice; it matches the established colors while elevating the palette as a whole. The contrasting matte and gloss textures in her outfit also work with the accent's dull bronze sheen.

I don't mind the revealing and skintight nature of her outfit. But I do mind how they sculpted her breasts, there's hardly any sloping at the top nor curvature at the bottom, leading me to say they look too round. Ultimately, it's a missed opportunity for the role fanservice plays in her design. Looking past the fanservice, you can see her pose is more of an action-orientated one. That's why I mentioned the angle where she's looking past you is best, you can see the battle-ready determination in her eyes and face. While she's not perfect, I appreciate that MegaHouse was able to convey that feeling.

What do you think of Kallen? Thanks for reading!

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