Girls’ Frontline 416 MOD3 Heavy Damage Ver. by Phat!

Introducing 416 MOD3 Heavy Damage Ver. from Girls' Frontline! Wearing a pained expression on her face from the front, she hides it with a cool one from the side. Her damaged outfit contains elaborate detail and varying textures with subtle color variations. The ridges and metallic detailing on her own HK416 is impressive as well.

If the prototype photos are anything to go by, Phat is once more set to deliver a very good figure. More importantly, with grenade in hand, has HK416 blown you away? Also be sure to check out our impressions of her.

"This pain… I'll pay it back someday!"

From the popular smartphone game "Girls' Frontline" comes a 1/7th Scale figure of the Assault Rifle T-Doll 416! 416 has been recreated in her MOD3 appearance from the game. 416's MOD3 equipment contrasts with her pale skin showing beneath the damaged parts of her outfit, making for an eye-catching display.

416 has an embarrassed look on her face, unlike her typical composed expression. Her long hair has been recreated with translucent parts, giving it a somewhat see-through appearance. Additionally, the fine details of her rifle have been faithfully captured with a combat-weathered look.

―Good Smile Company

この痛み……! いつか倍にして返してやる……!



Japanese name 416 MOD3 重傷Ver.

Also known as 少女前线 416 MOD3 重伤Ver.

Original illustrator NIXOO

Maker Phat!External Link

Sculptor RICO (Sakaki Workshops)

Colorist Hiroshi (scarlet) (緋色)

Release Jan. 2022 / 発売 2022年1月

Pre-order closing date February 11th, 2021 12:00JST / 2021年2月10日 21:00

Scale 1/7 Scale (245mm)

List Price 19,800JPY / 173USD / 149EUR / 126GBP or in your currency
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HK416 is based on this character design from the game by NIXOO

HK416 MOD3 Damaged Ver. original illustration by NIXOO

Not that there's anything wrong with it. But it hardly takes a glance to see that HK416's figure representation is a wild improvement over her source material. Phat pushes her hard into the realistic direction, while the illustration has her appearance more simplified. The figure version is similar in that she doesn't look like she's been through a battle.

Arguably the most significant part of "416 MOD3 Heavy Damage Ver." besides HK416 herself is, of course, the damaged part. Being the gentle soul that I am, I do not like when pretty girls get hurt. When pretty girls get hurt.

Having said that, she doesn't look hurt, does she? Her blushed cheeks show that she's more embarrassed than hurt. There's hardly if any damage on her person. Whatever damage we have is mostly relegated to her outfit. And with her torn clothing, we get a very generous view of her very generously-sized breasts. Plainly speaking, it amounts to a fan-service and not much else. If it weren't for the subdued fan-service, it'd be pointless.

So, with her disappointing damage in the rear, what else does she have to offer? Her hair, for one.

Granted, it's not as brilliant, but it quickly reminded me of Crymaria Levin's hair design. Crymaria and HK416's share beautiful hair with the way it moves and tells its own story. Her fringe splits at numerous points in response to her head tilting towards you.

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Impressions: 416 MOD3 Heavy Damage Ver.

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