Hoshino Kirara by Aniplex from Super HxEros

Introducing Hoshino Kirara by Aniplex from Super HxEros! Kirara features dreamlike coloring in her hair and skirt. Her pose with its fluttering detail also showcases her charming proportions! High-quality product photos and her exclusive retailers are waiting for you. But are you waiting for her?

Under the supervision of the series creator, Kitada Ryouma!
The main heroine from Super HxEros, Hoshino Kirara, has arrived!

From the TV anime “Super HxEros,” comes a 1/7th scale figure of the main heroine, Hoshino Kirara! Kirara’s pose is based on the cover illustration of the manga’s first volume. Digital sculptor “Super Visor” has carefully transformed it into figure-form with thorough supervision by the series creator, Kitada Ryouma.

Both her shirt and skirt are expertly modeled in addition to her dynamic pose. Her pose also affects various parts of her outfit. These include her skirt which, flutters in almost defiance of gravity itself. And her white shirt, which clings to her body, also sees that her generous proportions are visible through its transparent sections.

The entranced expression she has as she gazes towards you is undoubtedly worth seeing! Moreover, her base and accessories are designed with the XERO Gear in mind while featuring the same attention-to-detail as Kirara herself.

By all means, please have “Hxe Yellow,” Hoshino Kirara, wearing her uniform, join your side!


Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch




Japanese name ド級編隊エグゼロス 星乃雲母

Sculptor Super Visor (スーパーバイザー – 藤縄)

Colorist Kawamo from REVOLVE (かわも)

With co-operation by Art Spirits (アートスピリッツ)

With co-operation by REVOLVE (リボルブ)

Release Sep. 2021 / 発売 2021年9月

Pre-order closing date March 28th, 2021 23:59JST / 2021年3月28日 23:59

Scale 1/7 Scale (245mm)

List Price 15,400JPY / 115USD / 109EUR / 93GBP or in your currency
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It’s rare seeing figures of anime adaptations based on manga illustrations. Yet, Hoshino Kirara is one of them. Instead of a fully body-shot, we get a pretty closeup.

Hoshino Kirara from Super HxEros original illustration by Kitada Ryouma

Look at her lips and eyelashes, she really is pretty.

Dare I say, the combination of vibrant yellow and orange in her hair is bold. Along with her expressive yellow eyes, Kirara presents a dreamlike atmosphere. The blending of the two colors is very good without there being too much of either. Coming into play is the ever-present wind effect. It sees her hair on the sides separate and lift with the breeze. Her hair ornament is barely noticeable at a distance. Up close, though, its gold glint and white center are a delightful finishing touch to her hair.

Kirara’s almost expressionless face is pretty and relatively uncommon these days. Her flushed cheeks play a big part in making her face as pretty as it is. Her hair, arms, and blush easily hide that her face is lacking in detail.

Despite being the opposite of extravagant, there’s much to see in her outfit. The detail in her shirt and the creases that form by her abdomen is quite good. The creasing by her breasts is another highlight of her shirt’s detail. And wind running through it shows her body in great detail.

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Impressions: Hoshino Kirara by Aniplex

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