Impressions: Summer Memories by Rocket Boy

Today, we’re gonna talk about a tall and slender girl illustrated by Mataro. From his SEX SYMBOLS doujinshi, she’s designed by Rocket Boy and is titled “Summer Memories.”

Summer Memories original illustration by Mataro

Her breasts are large, as expected. Being par for the course, we won’t go in-depth there. I will say that the bikini top looks nice in both reflective coloring and design. It may be too small for her, but it’s not overly erotic even with her pert nipples protruding ever-so-slightly. The product specs mention a replaceable chest part. So, if you’re not casting off the bikini top, the strings around her breasts could be tighter to give a better fleshy feeling. Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with her bikini ensemble.

Face & Hair

Her straw hat is massive! It may not the focal point of her design, but it clearly received a lot of attention. Both the top and underside have a detailed woven appearance and gradated straw coloring. Finishing it off, it’s the white ribbon and bow that ties it together.

MGW Impressions Summer Memories by Rocket Boy 1 Hair

I find that her face is all right, cute, but nothing special. Without her hat, her crystal blue eyes dazzle against her chestnut hair and light complexion. The radiant highlights in her hair are stunning, with or without her wearing her hat. Despite omitting the illustration’s purple inner coloring, it doesn’t feel like anything is missing. The flow of her hair as it cascades down her back and her hips provides a pleasant view. You can also see that the strands are clearly defined. Despite being mostly out-of-view, the tips of her hair are darker and look wet. Thus, it faithfully matches the illustration’s atmosphere.


Her slender limbs and frame are the best part of her design. They’re also what sets her apart from Mataro’s other busty characters. She shows off her long legs with her mostly raised left leg and arched foot. Between the legs, I prefer the left for her shapely heel, ankles, and calf. However, all of her toes don’t look good as they are too long. The ones on her left-foot especially are bending unrealistically. Thankfully, her lovely sandy base hides them.

She comes with two sets of arms, but more on that later. With the default pair, her slim wrists and hands including, her long fingers, are other charming parts of her design. Her left palm shows its curvature and as well as the defined joints in her fingers. I will note that it looks like she’s propping up her hat versus pulling it down, like in the illustration.

MGW Impressions Summer Memories by Rocket Boy 2 Body

Replacement Parts

The girl who’ll be providing eternal summer memories is 1/6th scale. It’s the favorite scale of yours truly and the scale seemingly reserved for cast-off figures. While her feet don’t look so good, everything else does. For an exclusive one as good as this and at ¥18,000 excluding tax, she’s already a lock, right? But we haven’t touched on the part that’s likely to sell her. No, her hat is just a bonus… Removing her bikini top was a given, but you can’t remove everything. Despite that, she comes with numerous replacement parts that tip her interest-piquing outfit and pose toward wholly seductive ones. Her T-shirt is mainly there to hide seams and isn’t removable. However, it shows design consideration with the realistically detailed knot and the taut area beneath her breasts. Conversely, you may remove her skintight denim hot pants to reveal her tight pink g-string! In fact, it’s so unyielding that it cuts right through her area.

MGW Impressions Summer Memories by Rocket Boy 3 Replacement Parts

Instead of them being more desirable pink, the fingers on her replacement left-hand, the one grabbing her thigh, looks a bit orange. Coloring aside, her hand looks natural; you can even see faint knuckle detail. Her thigh doesn’t ripple like she’s made of anything but supple flesh. To that effect, you can see how her flesh dips by her index finger and only returns to its shape past her pinkie. Speaking of which, from the back, it separates from the rest of her fingers. Her pinkie leaves a faint horizontal impression as it lightly touches her cheek. Overall, her replacement hand and thigh are filled with detail and suitable additions. The sideways “peace” bearing hand is a cute replacement for her right-hand.


Anyone who appreciates taller, slender, well-endowed feminine bodies would indeed do so for her design. As mentioned, her default 310mm-tall pose already makes her well worth her asking price. It’s especially so considering the display possibilities she allows. On top of that, her outfit also carefully hides her seamlines.

Personally, I’d pick the default pose for her display. The hot pants would go to ensure an unencumbered glimpse of her hip line. Her bound breasts with pert nipples in the bikini top look good, but unbound, they may look better. In deciding between her gentle hand propping up her straw hat or grabbing her thigh, the former pair wins.

What about you, though? How would you, or are you planning on posing her when she releases in October? Thanks for reading these impressions of Rocket Boy’s Summer Memories! If you enjoyed them, consider buying us a coffee, or maybe become a member to gain access to more posts like this one. And if you are regular, thanks for always visiting and supporting us.

MGW Pre-order Guide: Summer Memories by Rocket Boy with illustration by Mataro

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