B-style Rias Gremory Bare Leg Bunny Ver. by FREEing

In the immortal word of Ron Simmons: Damn!

Good Smile Company has open pre-orders for the envisioned beauty that is Rias Gremory Bare Leg Bunny Ver! She’s set to release in October 2021 for ¥24,200 including tax. She’s available cheaper than that, but read on for those retailers, product photos, and our humble impressions of her.

Rias is back, this time in a bare leg bunny version!

From “High School DxD NEW” comes a new version of the popular Rias Gremory: Bunny Ver. scale figure, this time featuring bare legs! Enjoy Rias’s incredible curves all over again. The figure features a somewhat different charm compared to the original version, so be sure to preorder her for your collection! Keep an eye out for Koneko Toujou: Bare Leg Bunny Ver. coming soon too!

―Good Smile Company


人気作品『ハイスクールD×D NEW』より好評を博した「リアス・グレモリー バニーVer.」が生足仕様になって再びあなたの元へ帰ってくる!迫力のボディに生足を惜しみなく披露し、彼女の美しさは更なる次元へ。網タイツを履いた彼女とはちょっと違う色気をお楽しみいただける一品となっております。ご案内予定の「塔城小猫 生足バニーVer. 」と合わせてお楽しみください。


Japanese name リアス・グレモリー 生足バニーVer.

Also known as 莉雅丝・吉蒙里 裸腿兔女郎Ver.

Maker FREEingExternal Link

Sculptor FREEing

Colorist FREEing

Release Oct. 2021 / 発売 2021年10月

Pre-order closing date May 13th, 2021 12:00JST / 2021年5月12日 21:00

Scale 1/4 Scale (320mm)

List Price 24,200JPY / 222USD / 183EUR / 158GBP or in your currency

FREEing designed her for sex appeal and in your’s the humble opinion, they suceeded.

Rias’ breasts, hips, ass, and legs are all first class. Her provocative pose makes good use of her apocalyptic proportions. She’s not shy either. That’s another great thing about her. You’ll often see provocative poses accompanied by shy expressions. It’s really nice to see that her come hither expression works with her pose to seduce you.

One of the best things about bunny outfits is that larger breasts appear to literally pour into the suit. And Rias’ breasts do so beautifully. As the cups are slightly larger than her bust, her breasts show off their suppleness by how they near-freely hang. It’s alluring to say the least and appreciated that they look good without one having to cast off.

Her bunny outfit is an ideal match for her body. Its high-cut emphasizes her wider hips. Rias’ long legs are beautiful and without the stockings, they can better draw your attention. I like her knees quite a bit. Both the front and back parts are detailed. However, I prefer the back of her knees for her calves and thighs. I’ll go as far to say that her stockings were a detriment to her legs. She looks more attractive here.

Rias is a win on nearly every front. Except for her hair. Last year, I mentioned how a bare-legged variant would be the end of the uninspired bunnies to which we were being subjected. She’s as amazing as I imagined. I also mentioned that her hair needed more attention. The smooth area near the top needed the most. Adding a few coats would have taken away the plasticky look too. Unfortunately, they left her hair as-is.


FREEing’s B-style Rias Gremory Bare Leg Bunny Ver. is exceptional and superpasses the original, but her hair still holds her back. Where bare-legged bunnies are concerned, she’s one of the best, but still not the best.

How do you view this remixed Rias?

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