Girls’ Frontline ST AR-15 by Phat!

Phat’s long-awaited ST AR-15 from Girls’ Frontline is now available for pre-order. Her pose sees her stepping over rubble with a determined look in her eyes and her assault rifle drawn. It’s probably the most dynamic pose from the series to-date. Product photos and more are waiting for you. Will you be waiting for her?

“I will be the one who delivers the fatal blow!”

From the popular smartphone game “Girls” Frontline” comes a 1/7th scale figure of the AR Team T-Doll ST AR-15! ST AR-15 has been recreated in a calm and collected pose as she proceeds into the battlefield. The figure is based on a special illustration by character designer LIN+ and has been created entirely under LIN+’s supervision as well.

Not only have things like her long flowing hair and jacket been carefully sculpted in figure form, even smaller details like her combat knife have been faithfully recreated as well.

The base of the figure features a burned Griffin & Kryuger flag atop a pile of debris, adding to the battlefield atmosphere of the figure.

―Good Smile Company


大人気スマホゲーム『ドールズフロントライン』からAR小隊の一員「ST AR-15」を1/7スケールフィギュア化。キャラクターデザインのLIN+氏の描き下ろしイラストをモチーフに、クールな面持ちで戦場に赴く姿を徹底監修のもと立体化致しました。動きを感じさせる大きくはためくロングヘアやジャケットなどの本体部分の造形はもちろん、作品の重要な要素である銃器やコンバットナイフなども細部に至るまで作り込んでいます。また、台座部分は焼け焦げたグリフィンの旗が立つ瓦礫の山となっており、戦場の過酷さを物語る演出となっています。


Japanese name ST AR-15

Also known as 少女前线 ST AR-15

Original illustrator LIN+

Sculptor Abe Koudai (Fenrir) (阿部 昂大 (Fenrir))

Sculptor Phat! (ファット・カンパニー)

Colorist Hoshina Eimi (星名 詠美)

Release May 2022 / 発売 2022年5月

Pre-order closing date June 10th, 2021 12:00JST / 2021年6月9日 21:00

Scale 1/7 Scale (270mm)

List Price 23,800JPY / 210USD / 186EUR / 157GBP or in your currency

Distributors for ST AR-15

「ST AR-15」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

China-only / 中国

Japan-only / 日本

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