Zero Two For My Darling from Good Smile Company

The very special, very limited Zero Two For My Darling by Good Smile Company has been announced and is up for pre-order. She’s wearing a stylized wedding dress in a dynamic pose with her hand reaching towards you. But her wide smile and flowing pink hair are what’s really amazing.

“We met by chance and we’re attracted to each other by nature.”

From the anime series “DARLING in the FRANXX” comes a scale figure of Zero Two in a wedding dress based on a special illustration by director Atsushi Nishigori that was drawn for the purpose of making this figure. Zero Two has been brought into figure form wearing a gorgeous wedding dress similar in appearance to the Strelitzia Apus.

Whether you interpret her appearance as an alternate ending to the anime, or perhaps as something that happens beyond the anime’s ending is up to you. The only thing we can say for sure is that we believe this is must-have item for any fan of DARLING in the FRANXX. Be sure to add her to your collection.

―Good Smile Company




Character name Zero Two (ゼロツー)

Japanese name ゼロツー For My Darling

Original illustrator Nishigori Atsushi (錦織 敦史)

Sculptor Kamitsure Sayoko (カミツレ小夜子)

Colorist Yoshino Nobuhiro (吉野 展弘)

With co-operation by Kenzo (けんぞー)

Release Jul. 2022 / 発売 2022年7月

Pre-order closing date July 8th, 2021 12:00JST / 2021年7月7日 21:00

Scale 1/7 Scale (270mm)

List Price 25,000JPY / 172USD / 160EUR / 137GBP or in your currency

Distributors for Zero Two For My Darling

「ゼロツー For My Darling」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

Available at Good Smile Online Shop

Available at RightStuf

Zero Two For My Darling xx Memorial Board

This special version includes a special art board (A3 size with frame) featuring the original illustration by director Nishigori Atsushi.

Available at Good Smile Online Shop

Japan-only / 日本

Available at Good Smile Online Shop

ゼロツー For My Darling xx Memorial Board


Available at Good Smile Online Shop


Good Smile Company – Official product page

グッドスマイルカンパニーさん – 公式の製品ページ


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