The School Infirmary’s Tachibana-san with illustration by saitom

Orders have opened for native’s figure based on saitom’s illustration titled, “The School Infirmary’s Tachibana-san.” As to better admire her creamy skin and soft proportions, the dutiful Tachibana-san is 1/6th scale. Product info and her exclusive retailers are up, after the jump.







Japanese name 保健室の橘さん

Also known as Houkenshitsu no Tachibana-san

Original illustrator saitom

Sculptor Roin (ろいん)

Colorist Hoshina Eimi (星名 詠美)

Release May 2022 / 発売 2022年5月

Pre-order closing date September 3rd, 2021 19:00JST / 2021年9月3日 19:00

Scale 1/6 Scale (185mm)

R18 – This figure is for adults only

List Price 22,550JPY / 156USD / 145EUR / 124GBP or in your currency
If you have an MGW Membership, you have access to a premium version of our impressions of Tachibana-san.

Tachibana-san’s face is of a wider variety. Her pretty features fill the surface area, thus avoiding a squished look. Suiting her face for their soft colors are her amber eyes and reddish eyelashes. The highlights give her eyes a glossy, rounded look. As cute as she is, she’s not 100% faithful to the illustration. Her mouth is smaller there. Maybe for the lack of blushies, her eyes don’t have the same “Eh? You want me to…” expression.

Despite the differences, her mouth has been sculpted and painted really well. The ridge is deep enough with the darker pink outline as shading. In addition to the emphasis on her teeth, her mouth has the impression of being fully sculpted inside. Something not so good is that her ear’s jutting out. Her ear mirrors the illustration’s angle, but her head doesn’t.

There are no two ways about it, Tachibana-san’s posterior is grand! I wouldn’t be surprised if it caused severe server strain when pre-orders opened. Her buttocks are fleshy, much like the rest of her body. You can see it by how much her underwear cuts into her right cheek. Her plump and pale thighs are also responsible for this delightful view.

Distributors for The School Infirmary’s Tachibana-san


International / 世界的

Japan-only / 日本


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