BLACK LAGOON Revy Scarlet Queen ver. by Medicos Entertainment

Orders are now open for BLACK LAGOON’s exceptionally detailed and sadistic Revy Scarlet Queen ver. by Medicos Entertainment. She’s based on the artwork by series creator Hiroe Rei and celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the all-out action manga series, “BLACK LAGOON,” Revy comes dressed in extreme bondage as the Scarlet Queen! Reproduced with incredible volume, she’s based on an original illustration by series creator Hiroe Rei.

With whip in hand and clad in a scarlet leather outfit, Revy ascends the stage as Queen. She towers above, seated in a decadent throne that permeates a hedonistic style. When you look up to her, a chill runs down your spine as her cold, bewitching gaze meets yours. The chains attaching to her collar and wrists may be positioned in whichever manner you desire.

Will it be you who is enslaved, or…?

Revy, in her Scarlet Queen outfit, combines sexiness with the hardboiled aesthetic of BLACK LAGOON. So, by all means, please welcome “Mistress of Violent Death” into your collection!

―Medicos Entertainment

Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch

本格ガンアクション漫画、『BLACK LAGOON』 の作品20周年を記念して、過激なボンテージ姿で緋色の女王「レヴィ」が登場!

―ミストレス・デス・オブ・ヴァイオレット― 緋色の女王姿の「レヴィ」をぜひお手元へお迎えください!


Character name Revy (レヴィ)


Japanese name 『BLACK LAGOON』20th Anniversary レヴィ 緋色の女王ver.

Also known as 『黑礁』20th Anniversary 莱薇 绯色女王ver.

Sculptor Mowano (モワノー)

Colorist La Plastique

Release May 2022 / 発売 2022年5月

Pre-order closing date October 4th, 2021 21:00JST / 2021年10月4日 21:00

Scale 1/7 Scale (230mm)

List Price 20,680JPY / 188USD / 160EUR / 138GBP or in your currency
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Here’s a turn-around video that Medicos took of her.

Mowano, who serves as her sculptor, clearly put tremendous effort into designing every clip, stud, and crease. Such as the trim beneath the bodice, some areas don’t do the design justice and make it look cheap. The side ties of her gloves, on the other hand, are some of the areas where her outfit’s many little trimmings add character. Despite this, I’ll refrain from calling the ribbon in the center of her bodice cute.

Revy’s firm buttocks and light skin coupled with her darker thong are incredibly mesmerizing. There’s a lot of detail visible from directly behind her. You can see her spine, the small of her back, and her shoulder blades really well. I believe how she’s rocking her shoulders to be the highlight. Her left arm also has a great angle. But her shoulder has to hurt in this pose. Revy’s shoulder isn’t going to be the only stiff thing, her back is probably going to be out in the morning too. The frontal view is the main one, but the back is where she really stands out.

It feels like the significantly raised thong and bodice straps work to spoil the view. You can see by her hips, the straps are coming out of her. You can also see it from the side. It’s easier and cost-effective from a manufacturing perspective to divide the figure into sections. Seam-hiding armbands and the like aren’t new. But having her outfit appear as if they’re dividers really breaks the immersion. Ideally, the straps should be hugging her body. Hopefully, they’ll address it by the time she releases.

Thank you for reading this excerpt of our impressions of Revy. The complete version is available with an MGW Membership.
Impressions: BLACK LAGOON 20th Anniversary Revy Scarlet Queen ver. by Medicos Entertainment

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「『BLACK LAGOON』20th Anniversary レヴィ 緋色の女王ver.」の日本売り手

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