Illyasviel von Einzbern PRISMA Racing ver.

Orders are finally open for “Illyasviel von Einzbern PRISMA Racing ver.” the next figure in STRONGER series of TYPE-MOON Racing figures. As before, Illya is a limited sale. But those special retailers and product info are this way.

Those with keen eyes, will notice the logo used in our second year is on the featured image. The reason is because Illyasviel was available mid-February for international customers. She only became available to Japanese customers in the past few days

The illustration of Illya as a race queen by Hiroyama Hiroshi has been turned into a figure!

From “Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!!” comes a figure of the series main heroine Illyasviel von Einzbern designed as a race queen by series author, Hiroyama Hiroshi. Prominent areas of the illustration have carefully been sculpted, such as Illya’s hair rising from the side along with her delicate body and energetic pose. The metal stand that supports her also hosts the massive racing flag. Together, they come near to measuring 300mm in height. Please see for yourself that this is a figure whose modeling completely reproduces Hiroyama Hiroshi’s original illustration.


Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch


『Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤ ドライ!!』よりメインヒロンのイリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルンを、


Japanese name イリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン PRISMA Racing ver.

Also known as Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤ ドライ!! イリヤスフィール PRISMA Racing ver. / Fate/kaleid liner 魔法少女伊莉雅 3rei!! 伊莉雅丝菲尔 PRISMA Racing ver.

Sculptor Akisame (秋雨)

Release Jun. 2022 / 発売 2022年6月

Pre-order closing date October 31st, 2021 23:59JST / 2021年10月31日 23:59

Scale 1/7 Scale (260mm)

List Price 27,800JPY / 244USD / 210EUR / 177GBP or in your currency

As with other figures in STRONGER and plusone’s TYPE-MOON Racing figure series, Illyasviel’s illustration is used as an itasha (also known as a painful car). The cars are used in races such as with the ones from Racing Miku’s Hatsune Miku GT Project.

Original illustration of Illyasviel von Einzbern PRISMA Racing ver. by Horyama Hiroshi

Distributors for Illyasviel von Einzbern PRISMA Racing ver.

「イリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン PRISMA Racing ver.」の日本売り手

International / 世界的

China-only / 中国

Japan-only / 日本

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