Black Hair Maid illustration by Haori Io

Haori Io’s lovely and aptly named Black Hair Maid is now a figure by eighteen! She’s wearing a French maid outfit and takes a dutiful pose. Charming touches like her heels slipping out of her shoes and her clasped hands are all there. That’s not even talking about her silky smooth black hair and the reason you need to confirm your age…




Japanese name 『黒髪メイド』 illustration by 羽織イオ

Original illustrator Haori Io (羽織 イオ)

Sculptor Side-A

Release Jun. 2022 / 発売 2022年6月

Scale Non-scale (160mm)

R18 – This figure is for adults only

List Price 21,450JPY / 168USD / 157EUR / 134GBP or in your currency

Black Hair Maid original illustration by Haori Io

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「『黒髪メイド』 illustration by 羽織イオ」の日本売り手

Japan-only / 日本


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