FairyTale-Another Sleeping Beauty by Myethos

Wearing a beautiful burnt orange satin dress, Princess Rose takes a short 100-year nap in a woven basket. As with other figures Myethos has based on ASK’s artwork, Sleeping Beauty is truly a beautiful lady.

From her basket base, the squirrelly critters, and her lovely wrists and hands, she’s the subject of much attention to detail.

Her hair color is also quite similar to ASK’s other character, Jean Bart, from Azur Lane. If it was her, the moniker “sleeping beauty” would be doubly true.

The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods joins the “FairyTale-Another” series!

The next addition to Myethos’ “FairyTale-Another” series of figures based on the characters from fairytales is Sleeping Beauty! Her peaceful expression during her 100 years of sleep has been carefully recreated along with the woven bed she rests on. The figure is also adorned with faintly colored briar roses—the origin of her name “Little Briar Rose”. Based on an illustration by ASK, the figure perfectly recreates the peaceful atmosphere of the illustration. Be sure to add the girl protected by briar thorns during her 100-year slumber to your collection!

―Good Smile Company


童話を形にする新感覚フィギュアとして話題の『FairyTale-Another』シリーズより、「眠れる森の美女」が立体化! 繊細に編み込まれた籠の寝台の上で、100年の夢をたゆたう少女の穏やかな表情は、ほのかな暖かみを持つかのように造形されています。「いばら姫」という名の由来にもなった茨には、淡い色の花が添えられ、そっと少女を見守っているかのようです。イラストレーター・ASK氏の手によって描き出された安らぎさえ感じられる情景を、空気感まで再現したフィギュアとして作り上げました。哀しみに暮れる周囲とは裏腹に、茨に守られ、100年にも及ぶ眠りに揺れる少女をぜひお手元へ。


Japanese name 眠れる森の美女

Also known as FairyTale-Another 睡美人

Original illustrator ASK (Staff)

Maker MyethosExternal Link

Sculptor Nijah

Colorist Gyoryuushoujo Monshin (馭龍少女 門神)

Release Aug. 2022 / 発売 2022年8月

Pre-order closing date August 26th, 2021 12:00JST / 2021年8月25日 21:00

Scale 1/8 Scale (260mm)

List Price 19,800JPY / 174USD / 154EUR / 128GBP or in your currency

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