Illustration Revelation Yueji Mingke by Good Smile Company

The first entry in Good Smile Company’s Illustration Revelation series is based on Chinese illustrator Tuyi’s Yueji Mingke illustration. She’s immediately eye-catching for the rose tattoos that cover her fair skin and her outfit’s punk aesthetic. Yueji Mingke’s intense stare and disheveled olive hair also add a simultaneous sense of intimidation and allure.

Fair like porcelain, graceful like a rose.

The first figure in the Illustration Revelation series is a scale figure recreation Tuyi’s illustration “Yueji Mingke” published in 2020. Her porcelain-like complexion from the original illustration has been given a new dimension of depth in figure form.

The various designs decorating the original illustration have been captured in figure form with the use of an acrylic panel behind the main figure. The use of transparent acrylic provides a brand new way of representing a 2D design in 3D space, making it appear as though floating in midair.

About Illustration Revelation
The new Illustration Revelation figure series revolves around the three-dimensional transformation of two-dimensional illustrations, with the fine details and captivating atmosphere of the works of talented illustrators reconstructed in 3D form by skilled sculptors, thus taking the charm and uniqueness of such original artworks to brand new heights. Enjoy a new hobby experience that provides a glimpse at the very core of figure creation with stunning 3D transformations of 2D art.

―Good Smile Company


Illustration Revelation第1弾は、-荼壹-氏が2020年に発表したイラスト『月季 鳴珂(ユエジー メイカ)』を立体化。彼女の特徴の1つである陶器のように白く透き通った肌は、立体化により奥行きをもった透明感となり、肌の美しさをより感じていただけるだろう。イラストに描かれたデザインを再現するために、あえてアクリルを選択。アクリルにしか出せない透明感は、切り取り方によっては空間にデザインが浮かびあがる新しい表現だ。

Illustration Revelationとは
本来は2次元に最適化された“Illustration(絵)” を3次元へと “Revelation(顕現)”させる、という意味を込めた新たなフィギュアシリーズ。


Japanese name Illustration Revelation 月季 鳴珂

Also known as Illustration Revelation -荼壹-联动 月季 鸣珂

Original illustrator Tuyi (荼壹)

Sculptor Fuji Zoukei (藤造型)

Colorist Ekoshi (えこし)

Release Nov. 2022 / 発売 2022年11月

Pre-order closing date February 10th, 2022 12:00JST / 2022年2月9日 21:00

Scale Non-scale (240mm)

List Price 29,800JPY / 200USD / 189EUR / 163GBP or in your currency

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