MGW Favorites Selection – Maid – 2021

They may be cleaning maids, combat maids, dutiful maids, or tempting ones. From Japanese girls wearing French maid outfits to ones wearing café maid outfits, they’ve earned their place. For the second year, we are happy to present our pick of 2021’s top maid figures.


Before we begin, let’s be clear which figures are eligible for inclusion.

  • 1. Figures must be wearing a maid outfit or a variation of one

Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions include Frederica Baumann Tea Party Ver. and Black Hair Maid. Frederica, with her hand in front of her mouth and her light strut, was charming on sight. Haori Io’s Black Hair Maid came at the end of the end the year. Her submissive pose and the detail within it were carefully thought out. Both ladies deserve to be on this list.

  1. 5th

    Eruru Maid Bunny Ver.

    First up is DSmile’s original character Eruru. She’s also the only maid on the list ready to clean. Maybe. Eruru’s one of FREEing’s better girls this year. From her face to her body and pose, she’s been carefully designed in every manner. Of course, that includes her maid outfit too. It’s a clever combination of adding the style of a French maid’s uniform to lingerie. Her pose is charming too. Have a look at how she’s playing with her skirt. But if you take off her skirt, you’ll be treated to her tight-fitting maid-themed panties. Skirt or not, Eruru’s great no matter how you choose to display her.

  2. 4th

    Sawamura Spencer Eriri Maid Ver.

    Though she’s the final of the three main heroines in this maid series, there’s nothing to scoff at about Eriri. Following her lingerie outing, Aniplex delivers another impressive Eriri figure, this time in a café maid outfit. As with the two ladies before her, Eriri’s maid outfit features an increased focus on the fabric’s softness and the way it reacts to the other sections. No matter which angle you look, there’s so much detail in both her dress and blouse. Besides the way her dress swirls in response to her hopping, her gathered sleeves and the frilled edges of her blouse stand out.

  3. 3rd

    Ram Battle with Roswaal Ver.

    Perhaps the number one reason why you shouldn’t push your pretty maid too far; she might try and kill you. Figures of Ram usually come as a companion to Rem ones, but not so today! Not only that, but her design is pleasing, from her determined expression to the scorched edges of her maid uniform. Ram leaps forward with an attacking pose. It is truly dynamic, but her clothing and hair also realistically flutter with her movement. One of the highlights is how her frilled sleeves sway. Unfortunately, her wand blocks her right sleeve. It’s not a bad thing, though. Every angle shows more of Ram. The side view shows her sleeve in detail, but then you can better appreciate the intensity of her attack by how far she’s leaping forward.

  4. 2nd

    Foreigner/Katsushika Hokusai Heroic Spirit Festival ver.

    All of the ladies on the list stood out on sight, none perhaps more than Aniplex’s Foreigner/Katsushika Hokusai Heroic Spirit Festival Ver. Her face was breathtaking at first glance with no respite. Beneath her jacket, she wears a long deep purple dress with an intricately designed exterior frame. Her dress is accompanied by a traditional full-length white apron. As with Eriri, it’s impressive for the way it swirls in response to her movement. A clever touch is fashioning her usual hair ornaments in the form of a maid’s headband. Her mop seems oddly like large paintbrush, which leads me to surmise that work is not on her mind. When we have a lady with so much grace and poise, that, of course, matters not!

  5. 1st

    KDcolle Light Novel Edition Siesta Catgirl Maid ver. by KADOKAWA from The Detective is Already Dead MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

    KDcolle Light Novel Edition Siesta Catgirl Maid ver.

    From the anime and light novel series, “The Detective is Already Dead” comes the best maid of 2021: KDcolle Light Novel Edition Siesta Catgirl Maid Ver. by KADOKAWA

    Siesta’s pose and uncommon colors see her have that “drop what you’re doing” presence. Some collectors take it as a “pre-order now” presence. And she’s not just a quick look and move-on. We wrote about her earlier this year and nearly every design choice was just right. From her blue eyes that match her burgundy café dress to her cute cat pose and tail. For me, in both sculpting and coloring Siesta is Fundoshi’s best work this year. She has a softer expression that isn’t as intimidating in Umiboshi’s original artwork. Care has been taken in designing the separate sections of her outfit with as much realism as possible. As stated in her impressions, Siesta stands out for her sleeves’ twisting detail, the soft impression of her bustier, and carefully designed ankle boots.

Closing words

Just as in our Wedding category, Siesta and Foreigner/Katsushika Hokusai fiercely contended the first position. As with wedding figures, this past year was great for maids too. Just as the French maid outfit was becoming a bit tired, café maids showed up to liven things up. And when French maids made a resurgence, they stood out for being good. Not because that was all you’re getting. Thank you very much for joining us.

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