MGW Favorites Selection – Wedding Dress – 2021

With our Race Queen category dormant this year, one of the strongest themes this year takes its place. Figures wearing wedding dresses! No matter if they’re wearing traditional wedding outfits or Western ones, all are welcome.


Before we begin, let’s be clear which figures are eligible for inclusion.

  • 1. Figures must be wearing a wedding dress, whether traditional or western

Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions go to Rem Wedding Dress Ver. by FuRyu and Saratoga Eve Blossom Ver. by APEX. Though they couldn’t be more dissimilar, the dresses are beautiful and suit the bodies of the ladies wearing them.

  1. 5th

    Yae Sakura Dream Raiment Ver.

    Yae Sakura
    Houkai 3rd
    1/7 Scale

    In the fifth position is Yae Sakura Dream Raiment by APEX from Houkai 3rd. Whether you regard her ears to be of a fox or a hare, Yae Sakura is a pretty girl. Indeed a pretty girl, which APEX and miHoYo have rightfully put in nearly every outfit. Today sitting in a cradle, Yae Sakura’s wedding outfit stands out for her beautiful pastel cherry blossom pink skirt and silver-tinged top. Her boots’ gold lining suits her accessories and the cradle itself well. The translucent wings, attaching to her top, drape ever so gently towards the ground. They speak for the elegance she exudes in this outfit.

  2. 4th

    Ayanami Demon’s Finest Dress Ver.

    Azur Lane
    1/7 Scale

    The word “elaborate” is not enough to describe the wedding kimono worn by Azur Lane’s Ayanami. Not only is the design grand, but so are the colors. The blood-red and gold are pleasing against the textured pattern. As is common with figures on this list, the detail in Ayanami’s outfit is well done in the back too. Her long ponytail slips through her hood with a large white bow tied around it. We also get to see the back of her furisode, which does a great job giving her dimension. Aside from the color and design of her kimono, Ayanami’s depth is one of the things that make her stand out.

  3. 3rd

    Otonashi Kyouko White Kimono by FuRyu

    The second wedding kimono on the list is Otonashi Kyouko White Kimono by FuRyu. Unlike the ladies before, she expresses restraint in opting for a traditional wedding kimono. Despite being a widow, purity is the prevailing theme of Kyouko’s outfit. There’s a hint of silver blended with the white before it gradually turns fully white at the base. It’s also fully textured with a pattern comprising of birds and flowers. Simple, elegant, and an ode to a bygone time is FuRyu’s Otonashi Kyouko.

  4. 2nd

    Zero Two For My Darling

    In the second position, we have Good Smile Company’s Zero Two wearing an elaborate stylized wedding dress that incorporates themes of her uniform. Her face here is breathtaking, period. Of all her figures, it’s next to only her uniform version. But she’s on this list for how they obsessed over every aspect of her dress. The cohesive flow of her train, veil, and hair is amazing as she stretches her hand outward. Her veil and petticoat share a matching pattern. So do her leggings and bodice. The way they focused on these small things shows care in her design. Her non-standard wedding dress might not be for everyone, but Zero Two For My Darling is an incredible figure filled with love. If you’d like to read more, we wrote about her earlier this year.

  5. 1st

    Nakano Nino Wedding Ver. by AMAKUNI from The Quintessential Quintuplets MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

    Nakano Nino Wedding Ver. by AMAKUNI

    Coming in the first position is the second eldest of the Nakano sisters. AMAKUNI’s Nakano Nino Wedding Ver. narrowly beats Zero Two with her simple wedding dress. Her pose is faithful to her character. Her hand resting on her waist and parted legs gives her dress a stylish flair. It’s as if the front of her dress whipped up in response to her striking a pose.

    Nino wears a sheer off-shoulder jersey featuring sparsely placed roses knit into the weave. Instead of focusing on cleavage, this emphasizes her petite shoulders, bare neck, and clavicle. The impressive detail continues to the floor with how the fabric twists and creases in response to her sudden stop. At the back, we’re treated to the fabric cascading from her waist and pooling on the floor. AMAKUNI did a great job with Nino, who comes after Miku in their wedding series. Even if she’s not as grand as the other figures on the list, Nino is an outstanding wedding figure.

Closing words

There we have it, the first category in 2021’s Favorites Selection has come to a close. Nakano Nino takes a well-deserved first place in our Wedding category. Deciding between her and Zero Two was a difficult task. It was also tough cutting APEX’s Saratoga. Her midnight blue wedding dress with stars spread across the lower section made her a worthy entry. From different styles, colors, and poses, this past year was great for fans of wedding dress figures. I’m glad we could count down the best wedding dress figures of this past year. Here’s to 2022 having even better ones!

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