MGW Favorites Selection – Lingerie – 2021

Starting the second day of the MGW Favorites Selection 2021 are the figures with infinite possibilities; lingerie figures!


Before we begin, let’s be clear which figures are eligible for inclusion.

  • 1. (Female) Figures wearing lingerie

Honorable Mentions

Rocket Boy’s Ao-Oni Girl is our sole honorable mention. While twirling her indigo hair, she takes a nonchalant pose atop an ottoman. Her off-white lingerie is relatively simple design-wise but features impressive detail, specifically her panties.

  1. 5th

    Eruru Maid Bunny Ver.

    If you’ve been following in order, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen DSmile’s Eruru Maid Bunny. She’s a standout figure in nearly every regard. This time she joins the list, not for her maid outfit, but her lingerie with alluring suspenders that peek from beneath her skirt. It’s a skirt Eruru, herself lifts. Her leggings and black high-heel shoes work well with her tight underwear, making for a more tempting appearance. Not taking away from her allure, her eyes and expression bring a cute side to her outfit.

  2. 4th

    KDcolle Light Novel Edition Tokisaki Kurumi Wedding Dress Ver.

    Tokisaki Kurumi
    Date A Live
    1/7 Scale

    We also delivered our impression Kurumi last year. She stood out as much or maybe more for what she was wearing beneath her wedding dress. Which is, of course, lingerie! Her all-white bodice, panties, and long stockings appropriately match the elegant design. Kurumi’s lying-down pose is what also makes her great. It’s as if they designed it for what she’s currently wearing. If she’s wearing her wedding dress, she was designed for it. But when she’s wearing her lingerie, it’s like her pose was designed to bring out the best of her lingerie.

  3. 3rd

    Sana Bunny Ver.

    We first had a bunny that works as a maid. Now we have a bunny girl wearing lingerie. She’s also the sole mature figure on our list. Sana is an original character by Saburo. She wears a stylized bunny outfit that incorporates black lace accenting. Her nylon stockings also attach to her outfit, giving it that alluring taut appearance. She’s mature for featuring a removable outfit, but also because of her ripe body. A body that is certainly fitting for this type of outfit and pose.

  4. 2nd

    Kaerunoko Illustration Neko

    Occupying the second position is Kaerunoko’s original character Neko. She’s bending forward slightly. Her pose is also a good one to show off her lingerie which becomes more elaborate as it goes on. Her pose sees the right negligee strap slip off her shoulder. Beneath the negligee, she wears an off-white set of lingerie adorned with ribbons and rose patterns. Whether in pattern or decoration form, the roses are well placed without crowding the ensemble. Her red nail polish and self-assured expression which is directed at you gives her a unique atmosphere among the ladies on the list.

    Pre-orders opened for her in the last days of the year. Even if she had opened this year, from Neko’s head to foot, I’m confident that we would have been looking at her on our 2022 list.

  5. 1st

    Hyoudou Michiru Lingerie ver. by ANIPLEX x ALTER from Saekano with illustration by Misaki Kurehito MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

    Hyoudou Michiru ~Lingerie ver.~

    I’ll be honest, I thought the lingerie series was complete when Utah-senpai came out. And it was, but Misaki Kurehito unveiled two new illustrations of the side heroines. When shown off painted, Michiru was amazing from the start with her soft cheongsam. I said it before and will again they can usher in a new cheongsam lingerie series. For her fidgety pose that hints at her shyness, neither of the girls will be as charming as Michiru is here. She’s another one of the girls of whom we wrote.

    There’s just so much detail and care in her outfit. Her cheongsam-inspired lingerie has a luxurious feeling for how they blended the darker purple with a lighter shade for translucency. It’s finished off with a literal silver lining. ALTER also focused on how her clothing reacts. For example, how it cascades over the back of the ottoman. Her long stockings for how they crease by her feet and ankles. Then by her knees for how the white changes to a purple sheen.

Closing words

There we have it. The Lingerie category comes to a close with Hyoudou Michiru Lingerie Ver. taking the first position. Not just for lingerie figures, but she was one of the biggest surprises this year. Crossing my fingers that I don’t jinx it when I say it, but lingerie figures go from strength to strength every year. I am looking forward to seeing what they do next, how about you?

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