MGW Favorites Selection – Swimsuits – 2021

Swimsuits come in all shapes and sizes. The designs, as with lingerie, are limited only by the designer’s creativity. Like the swimsuits, the girls wearing them come in different sizes too. But may those who don them be beach body ready…


Before we begin, let’s be clear which figures are eligible for inclusion.

  • 1. Figure must be wearing a swimsuit
  • 2. A beach and/or tropical theme is OK

Honorable Mentions

We have three honorable mentions for today’s list. They are, in no particular order, Usada Mimi illustration by saitom, Siesta Swimsuit ver, and Kasugano Sora Swimsuit Ver. When she’s wearing it, Usada Mimi’s gold studded silver and black swimsuit shows saitom’s talent for designing stylish clothing. Next, from The Detective is Already Dead, we have Siesta wearing a striped red and white bikini with fashionable drawstrings by her bikini top. Finally, Sora shows up with her arms up, wearing a frilled off-white bikini based on the design of her regular outfit.

All three ladies’ swimsuits greatly match their bodies. That’s also a trait shared by the ladies on the list. Without further delay, here are our favorite swimsuit figures of 2021.

  1. 5th

    Lancer/Minamoto-no-Raikou [AQ]

    First up is a figure that’s been years in the making. Sadly, due to AQUAMARINE’s closure, they weren’t the ones to release her. Starting our list is Lancer/Minamoto-no-Raikou from Fate/Grand Order. She wears an extremely tight pink swimsuit with purple accenting that shows off her tall legs and amazing bust. What makes the long wait worthwhile is that they managed to design her according to RAITA’s artistic sensibilities. Her abdomen, long fingers, and high-heels with open toes and heels put a spotlight on the artist behind her design. At over 300mm-tall, Good Smile Company did an impressive job filling her sculpt with eye-catching detail from every angle and curve.

  2. 4th

    Five-seveN Swimsuit Heavy Damage ver. (Cruise Queen)

    In fourth place is the debut work of Orchidseed’s all-ages brand, Phaeleno. Five-seveN in the damaged version of her “Cruise Queen” skin is simple yet faithful to the original design. She’s also filled to the brim with character. You can feel her surprise by the look of shock on her face. I like how her shocked expression carries over to her pose by the way she’s clinging to her swimsuit; trying to maintain her dignity. The way her small swimsuit is quite literally peeling off her body is nicely done. The numerous ribbons along with her detached collar and bunny ears add a bit of variety to the design. So while Five-seveN didn’t make it on the Bunny Girls list. The fact that black outfits are strong this year applies here as well.

  3. 3rd

    Berserker/Miyamoto Musashi by ALTER

    Now for the opposite of simple. Maybe the oddest inclusion on our list is the third one. Designed by Koyama Hirokazu comes Berserker/Miyamoto Musashi in a swimsuit-inspired cowboy, pirate-ish outfit! Perhaps not to be kitschy, her bikini features a vague representation of the American flag. What’s cool about the pattern is that’s running down from her bikini top to her bikini bottoms. The stars backed by the blue background on her left breast feel like a continuation because of the blue drawstrings. Musashi has a swimsuit-ready body; her cocked hip draws out its appeal even more!

  4. 2nd

    Theresa Apocalypse Shallow Sunset Ver.

    From very mature ladies to a young-looking girl, we next welcome Theresa Apocalypse Shallow Sunset Ver. by APEX and miHoYo. We also wrote about Theresa earlier this year. She undeniably gives you a beach feeling with her inner tube, surfboard, chair, and everything else that will take forever to pack up. As mentioned in the impressions, her pastel color scheme fits her happy vibe just right. Outfit-wise, she’s wearing a sheer blue top over a white bikini top. After that, Theresa wears a pair of faux fur-trimmed short-shorts. Her straw sun hat is large enough to create an eclipse. But it will also prevent her (and everyone else) from getting sunburned.

  5. 1st

    Summer Memories by Rocket Boy with illustration by Mataro MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Pre order Guide

    Summer Memories by Rocket Boy

    Also wearing a massive straw sun hat comes our pick for 2021’s best swimsuit figure. Rocket Boy’s on top of their game this year. They did an excellent job turning Mataro’s illustration “Summer Memories” into a figure.

    She wears a bright pink bikini top that barely covers her endowed bust even before she vigorously frolics in the sand and sea. Beneath her denim shorts, she wears not a matching pink thong; but a matching pink g-string. Aside from her incredibly detailed hat and tiny bikini, she stands out for her slender legs and thoughtful poses. I like how you can replace her arms. It effectively means there’s no cost in removing her hat; she’s not propping up the air.

    Like with Theresa, Rocket Boy’s Summer Memories showed up early in the year. We were so enamored with her that impressions of her are available on the blog.

Closing words

In what is a delightful turn of events, all the ladies on our list are indeed beach body ready. They are all squishy in some manner and jiggle when they walk. Okay, maybe not Theresa. Thank you for reading and joining us as we listed our favorite swimsuit figures of the past year.

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