Kou Mashiro Illustration Maid Nyanko by Union Creative

Pre-orders are open and on the verge of closing for Kou Mashiro’s first figure “Maid Nyanko” She’s by Union Creative, who with Carve Models and Design COCO, brought out her quivering expression and pose from the original illustration.

The incredibly popular illustrator Kou Mashiro’s first figure is based on their similarly popular “Maid Nyanko” illustration. This cat-eared maid has been carefully designed to capture the atmosphere of the original illustration. The result is a figure filled with highlights from her trembling expression to her translucent stockings. By all means, please welcome her into your collection!!

―Union Creative ltd

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Japanese name こうましろイラスト 『めいどにゃんこ』

Also known as Kou Mashiro Illustration “Meido Nyanko” / Kou Mashiro 插画 『猫咪女仆』

Sculptor Carve Models (カーブモデルズ)

Colorist Design COCO (デザインココ)

Release Jul. 2022 / 発売 2022年7月

Pre-order closing date March 25th, 2022 23:59JST / 2022年3月25日 23:59

Scale Non-scale (120mm)

List Price 19,500JPY / 144USD / 138EUR / 119GBP or in your currency

Here’s a sample of Maid Nyanko posted by Kou Mashiro without the watermark.

Maid Nyanko original illustration by Kou Mashiro

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