About MyGrailWatch and FutureGrails

About us

Thank you for visiting MyGrailWatch! MyGrailWatch (or MGW for short) was born for the sole reason to allow figure collectors to obtain their so-called grails. Hence the name. Leading us to where we are now, FutureGrails — A blog set up to show you the best, most reputable shops where to pre-order bishoujo figures and character goods. That is, lest they become future grails!

Our reason for existing is to find the best bishoujo goods from all over the world. It matters not whether they are exclusive to Japan or available worldwide.

We may earn affiliate commission from some retailers. Though money-hungry cretins, we are proud to say that retailers are hand-selected, ordered without bias, and do not depend on commission to be listed. MGW was built for the unapologetic love of anime figures. So it does not sit well showing you shops or services, from which we would feel uncomfortable patronizing.

What’s bishoujo mean, anyway?

It roughly means “pretty girl.” This is our subject, whether she’s tall, small, or jiggles when she walks. Traps (i.e. boys dressed as girls) do not count as bishoujo. Reverse-traps (i.e. girls who dress as boys), however, do.


Speaking of patronizing. MyGrailWatch Blog is and has been ad-free since its inception in August 2018. Consider becoming an MGW Member if you would like to support our vision of a beautiful website free of adverts. You’ll also be in for exclusive and early content.

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Back to Grails

This blog’s focus is upcoming figures, but we also document the development of our MGW Figure Search service here. It’s a service for finding your grail figures whether they’re bishoujo or not. A development pre-view is currently available before its members-only release.

On the topic of bootlegs…

We unconditionally do not support bootlegs nor those who sell them. Our platform will never recommend nor list a shop known to sell bootlegged figures or character goods. While a gray area, we also do not support and promote unlicensed figures or character goods, doujinshi notwithstanding.

You’re not pestering us!

We are active on social media (Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo). Though each profile has a different flavor, we would be more than happy for you to join us. Feel free to direct any questions you have regarding bishoujo figures or character goods. Direct messages are open. Of course, if you want to chat or troll us, we might be up for that too. For collectors like yourself, we set up a community chat devoid of politics and ego-tripping moderators.


You have our thanks if you have reached the end of this document without skimming or skipping! Also, we hope to make all of our users comfortable on the platform. So if you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions, please feel free to contact us.