About MyGrailWatch and FutureGrails

About us

Thank you for your interest in MyGrailWatch or MGW for short. MyGrailWatch was born for the sole reason to allow figure collectors to obtain their so-called ‘grails’, hence the name. Finally, this leads us to where we are now, FutureGrails—A blog set up to show you the best, most reputable shops where to pre-order figures and character goods, lest they become ‘future grails!’

Raison d’être

Our goal or ‘reason for being’ is to seek out the best bishoujo goods from all over the world and their retailers; whether they be exclusive or not, available in Japan or the world—it is for the love of our subject we do this. While we are money-hungry cretins, the websites we list on each product page are hand-selected and ordered in an unbiased manner. To be clear, we are not compensated to provide shop listings. In order build a trustworthy reputation with you, we do not list shops from which we’d feel uncomfortable purchasing.

On the topic of bootlegs…

We unconditionally do not support bootlegs nor those who sell them. Our platform will never recommend nor list a shop which is known to sell bootlegged figures or character goods. While a grey area, we also do not support and will not promote unlicensed figures or character goods, doujishi notwithstanding.

You’re not pestering us!

While each profile has a different flavor to suit its platform, we’re highly active on social channels and would be happy for you to join us wherever you prefer. If you have any questions regarding bishoujo figures or character goods, we’d be willing to assist you where possible. Of course, if you want to chat or troll us, we might be up for that too.


If you’re wondering what ‘bishoujo’ means, it roughly means ‘pretty girl’. In one word or two, that is unapologetically our subject. Traps (i.e. boys dressed as girls) do not count as bishoujo. Reverse-traps (i.e. girls who dress as boys), however, do.

And if you’ve reached the end of this document without skimming or skipping, we congratulate you! Also, we hope to make all of our users comfortable here, on the MyGrailWatch platform, if you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions, please feel free to contact us.