Girls’ Frontline AK-12 by Phat!

Girls' Frontline AK 12 by Phat! MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

“To avoid excessively consuming processing power, I’ll usually ‘shut’ my eyes,”
– Hey, how about you shut your eyes and reduce processing power over here?
“…rest assured, this will not affect my field of vision and judgement.”
– Oh.

From one cool beauty to another, we have Phat’s exclusive AK-12 from Girls’ Frontline who is as devastating to her enemies as she will be to your wallet! She comes with interchangeable expression parts to suite whatever taste you may have. Products photos show off the astounding level of detail in her tactical gear as well.

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Sagiri Yuuko by Orchidseed from Triage X

Sagiri Yuuko by Orchidseed from Triage X MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

What was unlikely, Orchidseed has fulfilled the wish of many by re-releasing their amazing rendition of Sagiri Yuuko from Satou Shouji’s Triage X! This cool and dependable beauty is 1/7 scale but taller than most at a staggering 275mm. Of course, being an Orchidseed figure, and one of the very best ones, you may cast-off her jacket and halter top, leaving you with a clear view of her tattoo and more than a few display options! Product photos and shops, along with Orchidseed’s bonus, are this way.

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nocturnas Bunny-chan illustration by momoco

Nocturnas arietta Bunny chan illustration by momoco MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Based on an illustration from momoco’s artbook “arietta” comes the aptly named Bunny-chan. Designed by nocturnas, Bunny-chan wears a burgundy tailcoat and deep brown stockings that match each other and the setting really well. That said, her eyes aren’t a bright shade turquoise blue as in the illustration. Nor can her smile be seen really well against her fair skin. Product photos and the absolute best retailers from which to order are ahead!

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Superbunny Deluxe Edition by Hobby Sakura

Superbunny Deluxe Edition by Hobby Sakura with illustration by DDUCK KONG MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

In addition to the normal edition, Superbunny Deluxe Edition by Hobby Sakura is also up for pre-order with a February 2024 release. Designed in wonderful 1/6 scale, this super cute lady totes a retro-futuristic laser rifle with absolutely zero trigger discipline! From her 80s style sneakers, to the elastic in her detached sleeves and her outfit’s zipper, Superbunny has been crafted with amazing attention to detail.

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SkyTube Rina illustration by saitom

SkyTube Rina illustration by saitom MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Pre-orders are open for saitom’s original maid Rina by SkyTube. As expected from SkyTube, Rina features a full cast-off, not counting her bow-tie and crimson, puffy jacket. For the lady herself, Rina has a soft expression and wide vermilion eyes framed by flowing hair colored in lemon chiffon. Her outfit seems to be the coalescence of saitom’s recent design choices, namely Rina’s French maid outfit, puffy jacket, and audacious footwear!

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Tower of Fantasy Nemesis Venus Ver. by RIBOSE

Tower of Fantasy Nemesis Venus Ver. by RIBOSE MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

With an eye-catching sleek design and blonde hair that whisks behind her as she coolly steps closer with the intent of gunning down the rapidly beating heart within you, comes Nemesis Venus Ver. from Tower of Fantasy! RIBOSE has based her design on her CG from the game but adapted her laying down pose in favor of the amazing one we have here.

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Girls’ Frontline M4A1 MOD3 by Phat!

Girls' Frontline M4A1 MOD3 by Phat! MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Pre-orders have opened for Phat’s intricately detailed M4A1 MOD3 from Girls’ Frontline. She’s based on infuku’s artwork from the game and they have designed the contrasting textures in such a manner that M4A1 takes on more realistic appearance than her original, stylized artwork. She’s a limited release with only a few retailers offering her, so hurry up and pre-order!

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