Ruler/Altria Pendragon by Kotobukiya from Fate/Grand Order

Ruler Altria Pendragon by Kotobukiya from Fate Grand Order MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

From Fate/Grand Order, comes Kotobukiya’s Ruler/Altria Pendragon at the beach! She’s a bigger 1/7th scale versus Kotobukiya’s usual 1/8th scale figures. Ruler/Altria Pendragon is bigger still, measuring 314mm in height. This of course allows you to marvel at the delicate pattern of her pareo and cape, before promptly casting them off! Shops, product photos, and her bonus face await!

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Megami Device Asra Ninja 2/1 Scale by Kotobukiya

Megami Device Asra Ninja 2 1 Scale by Kotobukiya MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Small as they may be, Megami Device plastic models are life-size. That said, we’re proud to offer our pre-order guide for what may be the first 2/1 scale figure in Kotobukiya’s Asra Ninja. As with her plamo counter-part, she’s based on the work by Nidy-2D-. You may recreate her torn stocking variation of the illustration. Also, orders from Kotobukiya come with an exclusive bonus face.

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