Ruler/Altria Pendragon by Kotobukiya from Fate/Grand Order

Ruler Altria Pendragon by Kotobukiya from Fate Grand Order MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

From Fate/Grand Order, comes Kotobukiya’s Ruler/Altria Pendragon at the beach! She’s a bigger 1/7th scale versus Kotobukiya’s usual 1/8th scale figures. Ruler/Altria Pendragon is bigger still, measuring 314mm in height. This of course allows you to marvel at the delicate pattern of her pareo and cape, before promptly casting them off! Shops, product photos, and her bonus face await!

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Girls’ Frontline AK-12 Smoothie Age ver. by BellFine

Girls Frontline AK 12 Smoothie Age Ver. by BellFine MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

BellFine has opened pre-orders for their T-Doll AK-12 Smoothie Age ver. from Girls’ Frontline with an October release. Leaning against a fence with her surfboard beside her, AK-12 enjoys a bowl of some shaved ice. She’s based on the skin from the game which has been illustrated by Duoyuanjun. The original expression with suffering from brain freeze is also included.

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Chichinoe+∞ -Infinity2- Cover Lady by Orchidseed

Chichinoe Infinity2 Cover Lady by Orchidseed MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Pre-orders have at last opened for Orchidseed’s much anticipated “Chichinoe+∞ -Infinity2- Cover Lady!” She’s based on the instantly recognizable artwork of Inoue Takuya. Orchidseed has a done a tremendous job with her sculpting, but not only in her eye-catching areas but also in her hair from the back and fingers. High-quality uncensored photos and the best places to order are waiting for you!

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Azur Lane Graf Zeppelin Beachside Urd Ver. by ALTER

Azur Lane Graf Zeppelin Beachside Urd Ver. by ALTER

While Graf Zeppelin’s hair may not go on for days, the volume certainly is formidable. Yes. It features several different textures from a gradated silver to a lighter matte shade, ending with translucent tips. Opting for a somewhat adult aesthetic, she wears a brown one-piece that offers the illusion of a bikini. Product photos and retailers for ALTER’s KMS Graf Zepplin Beachside Urd Ver. await!

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