Sashou Mihiro Bunny Ver. by BINDing

infinote Sashou Mihiro Bunny Ver. by BINDing MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Sashou Mihiro based on a the illustration by infinote is now a 1/4th scale adult bunny by BINDing. The same illustration upon which she has been based comes as a nativeSTORE bonus postcard. Mihiro has a mature face and from the front, really nice eyes, you can see the other peeking beneath her fringe. But her pose almost guarantees that you won’t be looking much at either eye.

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Demonish Girl Rumiru by Pink・Cat with illustration by Mataro

Demonish Girl Rumiru by Pink Cat with illustration by Mataro MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Introducing Mataro’s “Demonish” girl Rumiru. She’s posed sitting atop a school desk licking a heart-shaped lollipop. Despite her name, this young girl’s face is devoid of malice, but rather a hint shyness. She wears an incredibly detailed pair of brown school loafers to match her stockings and ill-fitting school uniform. As nice as it is, Rumiru’s vertical striped underwear may be removed.

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Akagiri Miu by BINDing with illustration by Michiking

Akagiri Miu by BINDing from Comic Grape with illustration by Michiking MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

In the corner of the classroom, surrounded by her classmates, Michiking’s Akagiri Miu sits atop a desk changing into her bunny outfit. Beneath her sailor uniform, she wears a red and orange gradated bunny outfit that matches her slender frame. Also matching her body, is her unconsciously seductive pose that sees her red shoe gently dangle but not fall. Have you fallen for Miu?

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Hashimoto Mayu by BINDing with illustration by untue

Hashimoto Mayu by BINDing from BINDing Creators Opinion

With a beautiful face framed by caramel locks and a supple body made to wear whatever she wants, comes BINDing’s Hashimoto Mayu in a reverse bunny outfit! Mayu’s been illustrated by untue and joins the BINDing Creator’s Opinion figure series. Product photos of the beautiful Mayu and her exclusive retailers are waiting ahead.

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