Echidna Wedding Ver. from Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Echidna Wedding Ver. by Phat from ReZERO Starting Life in Another World MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

“I can no longer satisfy my curiosity without you.”

Wearing a deep brown wedding dress whose pinched, semi-translucent train cascades to the floor like rich black coffee, comes Re:ZERO’s captivating Echidna Wedding Ver. by Phat! Her wry smile intrigues as her swaying ash gray hair further captivates. Oh, will you be able to stand the wait until February 2024—when Echidna releases?

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Girls’ Frontline VSK-94 Heavy Damage Ver. by Phat!

Girls Frontline VSK Heavy Damage Ver. by Phat MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Pre-orders have opened for Phat’s exclusive heavily damaged version of rifle-based T-Doll VSK-94! She’s a larger 1/6th figure, measuring around 180mm in this crouched position. Product photos are high-quality so you can appropriately lose yourself as you gaze upon her outfit’s many design considerations. Lose yourself you should; VSK-94 only releases in December 2023.

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