Azur Lane Littorio Calabria Aurea by DAIKI Kougyou

A lady who can easily be mistaken for an ultra-mature, bakunyuu Hatsune Miku is actually DAIKI Kogyou’s Littorio Calabria Aurea from Azur Lane. She wears a semi-translucent dress that shows off her exemplary bust and plump thighs while smiling with the stem of a red rose between her teeth.

Although the product photos do not show them outright, they do hint at her pink nipples. Considering DAIKI’s lineup and Azur Lane figures, a cast-off here is all but guaranteed.

“Now, who will be the lucky recipient of Littorio’s rose this time? Oh, but of course, Commander. If you want it, maybe you’ll get it?”

From the popular smartphone game, Azur Lane, comes a figure of Sardegna Empire battleship, Littorio, with original sculpt and paintwork by M.I.C. and Akechi Ittsuru!

Littorio wears a jet black dress from her Calabria Aurea skin of the game. And truly lounging on the lavish floral-print sofa, she smiles with an inviting gaze as her right leg lightly crosses over her left. Come and enjoy a moment of elegance in Littorio’s suite as the two of you sip a fine red.

―Daiki Kougyou

Translation from Japanese by MyGrailWatch




Japanese name アズールレーン リットリオ カラブリア・アウレア

Also known as 碧蓝航线 利托里奥 Calabria Aurea

Original illustrator Gujianshaonu (股间少女)

Sculptor MIC (エムアイシー )

Colorist Akechi Ittsuru (明智 逸鶴)

Release Dec. 2023 / 発売 2023年12月

Pre-order opening date May 31st, 2023 12:00JST / 2023年5月31日 12:00

Pre-order closing date August 24th, 2023 23:59JST / 2023年8月24日 23:59

Scale 1/7 Scale (240mm)

List Price 38,800JPY / 248USD / 229EUR / 195GBP or in your currency

And here’s a sample of the original illustration by Gujianshaonu upon which she is based. Note, orders for the “AmiAmi Exclusive Bonus” will include the illustration as an A5 acrylic character plate.

Azur Lane Littorio Calabria Aurea original illustration by Gujianshaonu

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