STEINS;GATE Makise Kurisu by Kotobukiya

Almost fourteen years after her initial release, Kotobukiya is re-releasing their 1/8th scale Makise Kurisu from the unrepeatable STEINS;GATE visual novel. Kurisu here, is based on an original illustration by character designer, huke, for the game. A good number of Kotobukiya’s older figures have held up well with age, Makise Kurisu is one of them. Totally not biased. Shops and photos are this way!

The genius tsundere heroine has arrived! From Steins;Gate, the next-generation adventure game developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus, the heroine Kurisu Makise joins the lineup!

By the early age of 18, this tsundere genius had already skipped grades to graduate from college and was working as a neuroscience researcher at Viktor Chondria University. She is brought to life based on the illustration from the exclusive version of the Xbox 360 game package.

Defying gravity, a unique feeling of suspension surrounds this figure as she sits atop of a series of intertwined gears that make up her base, looking out into the distance. Careful attention was paid to ensure that this piece faithfully recreated the whimsical atmosphere of the original series. In addition to her beautiful looks, the sculpt of her casually worn jacket and necktie, boots, and broken cell phone have all been brought to life in painstaking detail.

*This reproduction will have a different SRP than its first release.




18歳にして飛び級で大学を卒業し、若くして、かのヴィクトル・コンドリア大学脳科学研究所の研究員になった「才女」にして「ツンデレ」の牧瀬紅莉栖が登場。Xbox 360版の「数量限定版パッケージ」のイラストをモチーフに立体化です。複雑に絡み合った歯車のベースに腰掛け、遠くを見据える紅莉栖。重力に逆らうような独特な「浮遊感」を持つこのフィギュア。幻想的な世界観を持つ本編「シュタインズ・ゲート」の雰囲気を忠実に再現する事を目指しました。また、紅莉栖の美貌は勿論の事、着崩したジャケットやネクタイの造型、ブーツ、壊れた携帯電話等、細部まで精密に立体化。




Japanese name STEINS;GATE 牧瀬 紅莉栖

Original illustrator huke

Sculptor MIC (エムアイシー )

Release Jul. 2024 / 発売 2024年7月

Pre-order closing date March 6th, 2024 23:59JST / 2024年3月6日 23:59

Scale 1/8 Scale (235mm)

List Price 11,000JPY / 70USD / 65EUR / 55GBP or in your currency

Here’s a sample of the original illustration by huke

Makise Kurisu original illustration by huke

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「STEINS;GATE 牧瀬 紅莉栖」の日本売り手

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Kotobukiya – Official product page

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