Belldandy by HobbyMax from Ah! My Goddess!

Belldandy by HobbyMax from Ah My Goddess MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

HobbyMax’s rendition of Belldandy wearing a flowing pink dress as she plays the violin has been sculpted, painted, and is up for pre-order. Belldandy’s 1/8th scale, but including her column-like base, she measures around 370mm in height. She also has a number of charming points. One of them is how her expression has a perceived change in tone depending on the current angle. High-quality photos are ahead!

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Girls’ Frontline AK-12 Smoothie Age ver. by BellFine

Girls Frontline AK 12 Smoothie Age Ver. by BellFine MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

BellFine has opened pre-orders for their T-Doll AK-12 Smoothie Age ver. from Girls’ Frontline with an October release. Leaning against a fence with her surfboard beside her, AK-12 enjoys a bowl of some shaved ice. She’s based on the skin from the game which has been illustrated by Duoyuanjun. The original expression showing her suffering from brain freeze is also included.

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Kouka by Good Smile Company from BEATLESS

Kouka by Good Smile Company from BEATLESS MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

From BEATLESS, the light novel with manga and anime adaptations, comes Good Smile Company’s Kouka! She’s based on the artwork of the original character designer, redjuice. Even though she’s of a smaller 1/8th scale, Kouka, including her base, measures around 320mm in height. And product photos show off the impressive detail in her sculpt and paintwork. Her unwieldly locks are gorgeous in both their design and maroon gradation.

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