Oozora Subaru from hololive production

Oozora Subaru by Kotobukiya from hololive production MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

With a color scheme that some might call “vibrant” and others would call “loud,” comes hololive’s boisterous Second Generation duck, Oozora Subaru by Kotobukiya! Product photos show off the detail in her T-shirt, like the creasing around the knot. An exclusive smiling face is also available. Both eyes are open and have captured Shigure Ui’s artistic sensibilities.

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Nanakusa Nazuna by Kotobukiya from Yofukashi no Uta

Nanakusa Nazuna by Kotobukiya from Yofukashi no Uta Call of the Night MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Pre-orders have opened for Kotobukiya’s Nanakusa Nazuna from the manga and soon-to-be anime series “Call of the Night” Nazuna continues Kotobukiya’s 1/7th scale trend and measures around 230mm in height. Her base is also quite clever in melding her coat and the city’s night view. Product photos, retailers, and Kotobukiya’s bonus face and deluxe edition await!

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