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B-style Shimakaze World’s Speediest Bunny Waitress from Azur Lane

B style Azur Lane Shimakaze Worlds Speediest Bunny Waitress MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Orders are now open for FREEing’s exclusive B-style Shimakaze World’s Speediest Bunny Waitress from Azur Lane. Based on her skin from the game, Shimakaze is seated on a solitary stool sipping a drink. She wears a non-standard deep purple bunny outfit with maroon accenting. High-quality photos of Shimakaze in her Mary Jane high-heels await!

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Tachibana Hibiki by HOBBY STOCK

Tachibana Hibiki by HOBBY STOCK from Symphogear MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

HOBBY STOCK’s re-releasing their beloved Tachibana Hibiki from Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX in November! As with Tsubasa and Kirika, Hokke has done a fine job sculpting Hibiki’s torqued legs and abdomen to convey the intensity of her pose. The ends of her Gear’s scarf flows in a satisfying way that rounds her off as a figure. And that’s of course not mentioning her harmonious earthy color scheme!

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Kinako ~Ohayou Ver.~ by Goldenhead

Kinako Ohayou Ver. by Goldenhead from Uchi no Neko ga Onnanoko de Kawaii MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Pre-orders are open for Goldenhead’s inaugural and immensely cute figure of Kinako having just awakened from her nap. She is 1/6th scale and features delightful matte coloring that gets her close to 40hara’s style. From a sculpting point-of-view, Kinako’s flush with cute details almost everywhere. But high-quality photos and numerous retailer-specific offers are waiting for you!

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ARTFX J Zen’in Maki from Jujutsu Kaisen

ARTFX J Zenin Maki from Jujutsu Kaisen by Kotobukiya MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Hailing from Jujutsu Kaisen, Kotobukiya’s ARTFX J Zen’in Maki with a stoic and no-nonsense expression is now available for pre-order with a February release. As with Nobara before her, Maki’s pose is one with the intent to attack, but not attacking yet. Her taut skirt’s numerous creases are impressively realistic both in design and how the light bounces off each of them. As a literal bonus, orders from Kotobukiya Shop and Kotous include an alternate grinning expression.

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