B-style Usada Pekora from hololive production

B style Usada Pekora by FREEing from hololive Production MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Pre-orders have opened for hololive’s cute unhinged bunny, Usada Pekora as a 460mm 1/4th scale figure by FREEing. Though this bunny is not in a bunny outfit, she’s based on a dakimakura cover illustration by original character designer Yuuki Hagure. So, is Peko going to be saying “Kon-peko” to you in magnificent 1/4th scale, come August? At ¥44,000 you gotta be certain! The best online shops to pre-order are waiting ahead with certainty.

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Oozora Subaru from hololive production

Oozora Subaru by Kotobukiya from hololive production MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

With a color scheme that some might call “vibrant” and others would call “loud,” comes hololive’s boisterous Second Generation duck, Oozora Subaru by Kotobukiya! Product photos show off the detail in her T-shirt, like the creasing around the knot. An exclusive smiling face is also available. Both eyes are open and have captured Shigure Ui’s artistic sensibilities.

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Nakiri Ayame from hololive production

Nakiri Ayame by Kotobukiya from hololive production MyGrailWatch Anime Figure Guide

Pre-orders have at last opened for Kotobukiya’s 1/7th scale figure of hololive’s original oni, Nakiri Ayame! Her pose is simple, though her knuckles resting on her hips and her feet parted, gives her a grand presence. Ayame’s short black and red kimono With its cluster amaryllis pattern is the core of the ensemble that binds her white stockings and red and white obijime to it.

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